Outlast Review

Outlast review…


Change of pants… Check… Brightest torch I can find…. Check…. Bravery…. Damn! Knew I was forgetting something!

Oh well, on I go!!

From the very start this game  has the atmosphere set, you can almost cut it with a knife its that thick. I have just driven up to the asylum and got out the car and I can tell that something is or was going down.

I will be honest with this review and say I was terrified to review it…. Seriously terrified…A game has never had me in a state of several consecutive heart attacks…. Bravo Red Barrels!

The premise for the story is that you’re a reporter, investigating claims of wrong doings at an asylum, and you’re going there to get information, but what you find is something far worse!


The graphics are gritty and well suited to the style of the game, and the lighting only adds to the tension throughout. I hated the moments where you would be in a room or corridor and the lights would go out. I knew something was going down and when I turned round BOO! I lost count at 12 for the amount of times I jumped. Another good element of the game I enjoyed was the nightvision camera effect for when you were in dark places. I found that element amazing, although on the same hand, slightly annoying having to find batteries!

The amount of blood and gore in this game as well is unreal. People butchered on the floor, being hanged from the ceiling, the attention to detail is amazing… Specially seeing blood footprints in the carpet from when you’ve walked through a puddle of blood from a dangling or dismembered body.


In terms of gameplay something that did annoy me, was the inability to be able to fight anyone. Which in the grand scheme of things, I understand why, I dont think the game would have been that frightening at times had I been able to swing my fist or a bat at someone.

The music is fantastic and goes perfectly with the game. It’s eerie but gives you a sense at times of your impending doom. Specially when things jump out at you and the music will suddenly get louder and sharper to go with it!

The game had the typical feel of a horror movie. Always when you think that you’re about to escape something comes along and ruins it. Like at the start of the game, lets get the security card, get to the security room and open the doors…. Yey! Simple…. No! Power gets turned off, and you’re having to hide from a brute who would rather rip your head off than give you a second look. Just like a horror movie as well, the story irritated me to the point that, theres a window right there… jump out of it to escape! (I know this wouldn’t have made a very interesting game, but I’m talking from the persons in game perspective.) If you’re that frightened and want to get out, and there was a window there, I know for a fact if it was me I would be breaking the glass and getting the hell out of dodge!

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  • Steve Burman

    I’m hoping this is a future Games with Gold release as it’s one of the MANY games that I want to play but can’t due to lack of available moolah. I’ll play it in the dark with my Turtle Beaches on full and may even stream it live so people can laugh at my pansiness when scary shit happens. 🙂 This review only strengthens my desire to play.

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