Our E3 Verdict/Thoughts

Another year and another E3 has been and gone and I have to say that this year it was a pretty laid back affair; companies have been focusing on games, games and more games. Other than the Xbox One S being announced as well as Microsoft finishing off with Project Scorpio, it was again all about games and getting the best games out there.

There were a lot of games shown and there is a lot that I am excited for and I can’t wait for what I call the games season (Sept-Dec) to kick in. The only disappointment that I really saw other than the lacklustre EA and Bethesda conferences was that only 2 of the games that Sony showed had a solid release day or release period. The rest were just described as being ‘in development’ where as in comparison, most of the games that Xbox showed are going to be out this side of Christmas, and some as soon as September.

I really don’t see the point in showing games that we’re not going to see for another year or so. I’m hoping that there will be more solid dates at Gamescom in August.

I was disappointed with the EA and Bethesda briefings; I felt they were quite boring and flat. The main thing for me from the EA briefing was Battlefield 1 which I managed to watch the live gameplay for and also Titanfall 2, which when the multiplayer gameplay trailer came on my internet froze and I missed, so had to catch up on that after it had all finished, but was worth it and I’m really looking forward to the game releasing.

I have said above that I felt that the presentations were a bit flat and boring, and that I stand by, however I think the presentations are not even half of it, its how the games are brought across and what the developers shows us from the games and I have to admit that I cant wait for some of the games that have been announced. Forza Horizon 3, Days Gone, God of War, State of Decay 2, Deadrising 4, Detroit, and Horizon Zero Dawn just to name a few of the games.

I was quite surprised as well at the announcement of Project Scorpio and that they announced it will ship in Fall 2017, as well as announced the specs for it. Phil Spencer has said that this was so Dev’s can have time to get games ready for the console, which for me is a very good idea, it allows them time to get used to the spec and work on the games and make sure there utilising the power properly.

Personally, I will be getting an Xbox One S, the console looks lovely and for it to be 40% smaller, it’s going to make a difference to the space being used on my desk, and it sit nicely with my PS4.

I am so excited now for EGX, I’m looking forward to trying out lots of games on my 2 days there. Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Days Gone will hopefully be there to name a few, but I can see me being very busy from September with reviews.

This year I’m not going be buying Call of Duty, the series is getting stale and this year’s iteration by Infinity Ward still looks stale, and the setting just looks uninviting to me, I think I’ll be sticking with BF1 and TF2 for my FPS’ this year.

With Gamescom in August we could still be in for a few more surprises and I am looking forward to what the next 6 months is going to bring us in terms of games. Microsoft provided us with a lot of solid release dates for games, which for me is brilliant, cannot wait for them, but on the other hand with Sony, I think there was only 2 games out of all the ones they showed that actually had release dates. The rest of them just said ‘In development’. Which is quite disappointing, especially for games like Horizon Zero Dawn which was shown at last years E3 as well as Detroit. I can understand not saying a rough date like a month in which it could come out, but they didn’t even advise of a year, and so it makes me wonder how far within development the games are. I know Kojima’s new game Death Stranding has only began development within the last few months, so that might not even be released until 2018.

Hopefully though we will start to get a little more information on releases and the games when it comes to Gamescom in August, then hopefully I will be able to get to play them when I’m covering EGX in September.

What did everyone else think of E3? Happy with it? Disappointed? Would love to get your thoughts in the comments below.

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