It is known that a scrolling 2D platformer doesn’t excite Joon, however Joon will always give a game its fair chance, and this game is no exception to the rule.

The idea behind the game intrigued me, I liked the skating idea as it is a topic of game that really doesn’t get covered much in gaming and lets face it, there hasn’t been a Tony Hawks game for a while. (Although that may change soon).

I think with changing styles etc in the world today, there may not be as high a demand for a skating game such as there was say 10 years ago when we had all the punk rock bands such as Alien Ant Farm etc. So this game is a quite a bold idea to bring to the table, and I know non skaters will play this game but there has to be the idea that it would be targeted towards to skaters of the world, and anyone else who gets it is a bonus.


Anyway, enough of my rambling, the game in general I have found to be quite poor. I have found that the controls (especially landing after doing a trick) to be fairly unresponsive. I have also had problems getting to grips with the controls, to me I have found that there was too much going on in my hand for what was happening on the screen, and also for the time the game allows for it to be done. I found myself more often than not with my face planted in the floor from a fall than I was on my board skating.

I have to admit, that was my main gripe with the game, and it may have been that it was just how rubbish I was at the game. However, when you finally managed to do the goals and levels, there was always a sigh of relief that I finally made it to the end… Finally… My character maybe battered and bruised from falling flat on his face, but I finally managed to get him to the end… And do a goal in the process, which always made me want to pat myself on the back, especially for the goals that required me to do ridiculous movements on the controller sticks and buttons…. (I felt like I was trying to crack an unbreakable code at times)

As frustrating as this game can be, it does have a habit of pulling you back in for more and more, mainly because you feel like there is something on a level you can conquer, and you get that ‘One more try’ attitude, which turns out to be 3 hours later and you’re wondering where the day/evening has gone.

With each level and the goals that needed to be accomplished, there are some where you have to get to a certain skill point score, and I played and played levels over and over again trying to get these points, but never getting anywhere near the points needed, and after that I felt that it would be pointless trying to get all the goals as i knew I wouldn’t get them… Which is kind of ridiculous to me, but then that’s just me and my skill at the game… Which I have said many a time, is below amateur level!! ha!

image (2)

The levels are beautifully designed and and done in a way that when playing this game, it is going to challenge you, frustrate you and probably have you swearing… a lot…

Again, for me this is a 2D Platformer that hasn’t impressed, and I’m still trying to find one that is going to. Maybe at some point in the future there will be one that impresses me, but until that day, ill just keep searching. I will say I was impressed with Rayman Legends, however the only level that impressed me in that was Castle Rock… and a level doesn’t count for an entire game…

This is a rather short and sweet review, however I believe I have said all I can on the game and it will only get a 6.2 from Joon….

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