Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator – Review

Oh Sir!! from Vile Monarch is a game that has been on the PC and mobile devices before and has now made it’s way to the console market. The aim of the game is to use the preset words or phrases and combine them into a grammatically correct sentence that is also an insult. The insult is then voiced by your character and health points are taken from your opponent, the number of health points taken depend on the severity of the insult, other factors do play a part in how big a hit you give and we’ll touch on that later. Players of a certain age will instantly recognise the huge Monty Python influence throughout the game. The voices and the settings and a massive chunk of the phrases that are available to you smack heavily of the British comedy icons that were the Monty Python team.

You play the game against either a CPU controlled opponent or there is the option to go out into the world and play a human protagonist, I would recommend going through the tutorial and a least one playthrough against the CPU before testing your acid tongue on human players. The tutorial takes you through the basics of insult building and strategies. You learn how to construct a suitably insulting insult along with tips on combos and hitting on your opponents weaknesses.

You start the game by choosing your player ( the protagonist) and have the opportunity to read their bio which is a good thing to do as it highlights the things that they will find more insulting. Handy to know if you come up against them in later sessions. The weaknesses range from style and heritage to age and mortality, so any insult containing references to these things will score more points. You can also score extra points with combos, this just involves using the same phrase/word in successive insults. The scope to score big is there if you are smart and can use combos and weak points in the same insult.

It’s a turn based game so there is the annoyance of your next phrase/word being taken by your opponent thus making the world beating insult you had in your head impossible to make now. You then have to either change it to something which often doesn’t make literal sense but is still grammatically correct or uses a ‘pass’ which allows your opponent an extra chance to build their insult.

As well as the phrases/words in the main ‘pot’ you do have a couple of phrases available that the opponent cannot see, these can also be changed by ‘taking a sip of tea’

In the single player ‘campaign’ there are four different locations/scenarios to conquer before coming up against God…….yes God. Now the God in this game looks and sounds an awful lot like Morgan Freeman and I properly laughed out loud when he appeared on the screen and spoke. The freckles are there and the voice is unmistakably his. This bit of silliness and the whole Pythonesque feel to the game are what makes it so much fun to play.

I’ve been through the CPU part a couple of times and doing that with different characters seems to be the way to unlock more playable protagonists, but I believe the best way to play this is either with friends in the same room or if you’re brave enough, with people across the globe via multiplayer.

I had and will have again, huge fun playing this game and another really good thing about it is the price………….¬£2.39 !!!!! ¬† That’s right, depending on where you live that’s cheaper than a cup of coffee and certainly cheaper than a pint of beer. It’s a bargain price for a fun game that will give you lots of enjoyment.

I give Oh Sir!! a well deserved 8/10


Code provided by the publishers and as always we thank you for it.