Obliteracers | Review

Race brutal-cute aliens on exotic planets, using weapon powerups and physics-based vehicles to annihilate your competition in frantic round-based combat.

I’m not totally sure where to start with this review. I was looking forward to playing this game when the copy game through from the publishers.

There was a lot of hope and potential surrounding it, but I will say now that I have been left very disappointed. To me it felt like a poor man’s Mario Kart, the idea is there though, just the execution of it is pretty poor in my opinion.

The first thing to mention is how the game looks. There are nice uses of colours within the game, however at times most of the courses to me looked blurry and unappetising to play and I was playing it on a 40” TV. I did check my settings, and everything was how it should have been, so my conclusion came down to the game.


I also found the courses quite bland in terms of design, there wasn’t really much to keep me enticed for the amount of time I was playing, and it did feel like this was a game that you could probably only sit down for a spare 30 minutes or so. However, I will say that when the game is played with friends it is a lot more fun and would be a good time waster during parties and gatherings.
The part for me where this game excels is how the races are undertaken. Obliteracers doesn’t concentrate on time trials, lap times or being first in a race, the main focus is getting rid of your opponents, hence the reason for the name ‘Obliteracers’.

There are weapons lined up along the tracks which you can pick up and use against your opponents, some are obviously better than others. You have rockets, machine gun, oil trail and mines to name a few, and this is what causes another problem for the game. A lot of the races in Obliteracers do start to feel the same time and time again as you’re using the same weapons over and over, and it’s easy to spot which weapon is laid where by the shape if there blanked out, or the coloured orb around it. So for instance, I know that the rockets are green, which is a very good weapon to have, as 2 of those will get rid of one opponent, however a tight group together it can do a lot more harm.

I think what would have been better in this instance, would be that the weapon you pick up is completely random. Being able to tell which is which can lead to you just going after the most powerful one. This at the end of the day can mean that you are just getting the same over and over and creating an unfair advantage.


Mechanically, the game does fail again I’m afraid. The different courses that you play on all feel the same. From Sand dunes to Wet cargo ships, they all feel the same, and there isn’t any difference in the feel of the courses. Which is kind of a let down, you would think that the wet cargo ship would be a slot slicker, slippery and maybe faster, and the sand dunes would maybe be more rugged, slower and harder to turn on. Nope, everything feels the same, and that is a disappointment for me.

In terms of what you can do with the game and its replayability, there isn’t really much to it. There is a versus section where you can play online or locally, and you have the career mode. So as you can see, there isn’t really much to do with the game, especially when you finish the career mode, and I honestly don’t think many people would sit around for hours and hours playing it, unless they wanted to get it out the way so they could uninstall the game.

The game overall feel rough, I can see what it’s trying to do, but unfortunately it falls flat on its face at the first hurdle.

The idea is there and there is potential with the game, and I do believe more arcade type racers like this need to be out in the open, but mechanically and graphically it needs to step up the game.

A disappointing 4/10

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