Nintendo Switch – What changes can be made?

Nintendo Switch has just celebrated its second birthday and what a journey it’s been. Some games being released that you would never have dreamed of on a Nintendo console, sales booming and more and more games to come. But that doesn’t mean to say it’s perfect, there are a lot that I feel could change with it.

I am going to start off with Nintendo Switch online, nearly 6 months have passed since Nintendo Switch Online launched as a paid service, but the question remains, is it worth the money?

Personally, I don’t think it is worth the money, 95% of the time I play single player games on Switch, there is only really Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart that I play online and then again, Mario Kart is very rare as I prefer to play that when I have friends over. 

The free NES games are nice but they’re something that I am not really interested in playing. I’ve tried a few of the games and enjoy Dr Mario, but other than that I have no real interest in older games. 

One thing I will say is that it is currently set at a decent price, with a single account for the year costing just under £20 and family accounts being around the £35 mark, it is much cheaper than your standard Xbox and PS+ subscriptions, however you do get more for your money with these subscriptions.

It just seems to me that the amount of games that you can play online on the Switch doesn’t exactly warrant the price being charged for what you’re getting. Plus, other elements come into it such as the lack of a dedicated party app/chat, this really for me has been the biggest blunder for the Switch, who thought it would be a good idea to make a smartphone app and try to get gamers to believe that ‘Hey, we did this because when you’re out and about, you’ll have your phone on you” – I’ll tell you something else that we also have with us….. A Switch…. #Justsaying

The better bet here would have been to make some wireless headphones for the Switch, that way you can still party up when the console is docked and saves having to sit close to the console with a wired headset if you’re wanting to play in docked mode.

One of the reasons for me taking out the subscription was for the Cloud Saves, I’ve lost all my game data before (which included around 60 hours of Breath of the Wild gameplay) and it was simply heart-breaking, to the point I haven’t been able to go back to certain games because I just don’t have the time to reinvest all the hours I put in, this was mainly Zelda and Xenoblade Chronicles which after struggling with Xenoblade Chronicles I was finally finding my feet with it. It does still disappoint me that there are some games that don’t support it, which when they’re server-based games I understand, but when it comes to a game like Pokémon…. Why? Cloud storage for all games that need it should be standard, to not have it in this day and age is unreal to say the least. This is why I was shocked when I read the list of games which didn’t support it and it showed a lot of single player games.

When it comes to the games available through the subscription and you look at PS+ and Xbox Live, I personally think this is one area that they need to look at. I don’t feel that NES, SNES and whatever else they are offering and going to offer in the future should be part of the system, they should have kept this to a traditional Virtual Console on the system and maybe give out 2 indie games a month, and lets be honest, the system doesn’t lack indie games.

This way it may help some of the more obscure titles on the system reach more people instead of suddenly being buried by the next tirade of releases. This for me is one of the switches biggest issues, the sheer amount of releases that occur, and it has been recently announced that there are currently over 1800 titles on the eShop, a very impressive feat but how many of the titles are played by a decent amount of the Switch community? There are surely some games that don’t get a look in, the amount of releases and what I call shovel ware that gets placed onto the eShop, some games are getting buried, and unless you know what you’re looking for and go through the search, there may be some games that don’t see the light of day. Nintendo need to sort the eShop in terms of its design, there must be a better way for the games to be displayed because the way I see it lots of decent games do get buried. 

At least then those who are wanting to play the NES games can still get them on the Virtual Console and play them through there Switch and NSO subscribers will still get 2 free games that they can keep in their library. 

I think more needs to be done with the Switch in terms of the UI, there is a lot of potential in the home screen to utilise the space better, I know the PS4 uses a similar style with the bar going across, but on the PS4 you have folders where you can keep games together or however you have yours organised, which means that this reduces the length of said bar so you can see it all on the screen (Or at least this is how my is set up). The Switch needs something similar, to be able to organise things in folders and make better use of the space above and below the bar. Maybe have the option to change it from a bar to tiles, shrink the size of the boxes and have 2/3 rows to fit more in, just like in the overflow page that shows up once 12 items are on the front. 

Giving that flexibility would allow gamers to make the Switch more of their own. Speaking of making the Switch your own, another good thing would be to allow the use of screenshots as a background. I have taken so many nice screenshots from Zelda, Skyrim etc that I would love to jazz up the background on my home screen from the plain boringness that is currently there. 

One last point that I would like to make is that I feel that the Nintendo Switch Ecosystem needs more apps placed onto it. We have YouTube which is great, but this needs to be expanded on. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go maybe, there needs to be more choice. I have a load of data from my phone which I barely touch, it would be nice to be able to create a hotspot from my phone or tablet while out if there’s no WiFi available and be able to stream the programmes to watch. Hell, even downloading the programmes from iPlayer or Netflix to watch later would be a brilliant option to have. 

As you can tell from above, there are a fair few things I would like to see changed for the Switch, all pretty much little tweaks barring the eShop, which I think needs an overhaul to better showcase games etc, but being able to tidy up the front page and maybe add a little colour with screenshots etc should be a standard for me. Little things like this can go a long way! 

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