Nintendo Switch: The Potential, The Possibilities.

I thought I would write up my thoughts and feelings towards the Switch. I have seen a lot of people saying it’s going to be another Wii U for Nintendo, and asking why are we getting old games such as Skyrim?

We have seen a list of developers/publishers who are going to be supporting the Switch, which when it was first shown I was impressed with the list, however again after EA saying they we’re going to be supporting the Wii U and backed out, I was sceptical, but with the amount of people who said they were supporting the Switch it did make for a more positive reading as they had obviously seen the potential in the console, and for a game such as the Skyrim: Special Edition to be coming to console, it made me think, what other franchises could we potentially see come to the console?

Could we see other huge games come to the Switch? Online only games such as The Division? Ubisoft are after all supporting the console with other games, is there the possibility that this could be done? Same with Bethesda and Elder Scrolls Online, is this another potential for the console?

I think with online only games it will come down to Nintendo proving that there Online Network can handle these games, and that the network can be maintained to the required level. I think there is the other side for online playable games as well, which is will be down to amount of consoles sold. If Nintendo’s projection is correct then I think games like Call of Duty will come to the system. With EA’s support, is there a possibility of Battlefield 1 coming to the system?

In terms of single player games is it feasible to ¬†say that we can expect games like GTA to come to the Switch? We’re getting a game at the scale of Skyrim, which is no sleuth of a game, it is a mammoth. Could GTA V be ported over? Is it too late for that with Red Dead 2 and possibly GTA 6 coming within the next 2-3 years? There is a chance though, however I’m not sure of what the custom chip that the Switch sports can handle. Whether it would handle GTA, Red Dead would still to be seen, and again I think it’s another case that it would highly depend on sales of the console.

One thing that has me excited about the system is if we do start getting these big AAA games for the Switch, then it is being able to take them and play them where ever I wanted too, and I think that this was one of the things that appealed to the Developers/Publishers, being able to have there games on the system and playable where ever.

The one thing that I don’t want the Switch to turn into is being seen a primarily handheld system and being flooded with scrolling platformers as this would waste so much potential that the console has. Another reason why I want Skyrim to sell well on the console, or at least have reasonable sales so this helps to bring other big games to the console.

I think this is the biggest thing for the Switch at the moment when it comes to whether games will be brought to the system, and that is how well it sells. There are positive signs with pre-orders selling out in most retailers, however you don’t know how many this is, it could be a couple of hundred to thousands of units. I think if the system is sold out at launch we could see another Wii moment were as soon as stock arrives in it’s gone within minutes or hours for a few months while Nintendo try and get production out as fast as they can to keep up with demand.

I think the general negativity that I have seen on many sites, forums and social media is all down to the how the Wii U did through it’s relatively short life, but I am hoping and have a feeling that Nintendo has learnt it’s lesson from the Wii U and especially since they have announced that instead of just flooding the market with games then having a drought they are being more sparing and releasing at a steady pace which for me is better and keeps the flow going better.

What games would you love to see on the Switch? If there was any game that is already out that could be brought to the Switch, which one would you want to come to the console? Also do you think having the support of so many developers early on is good for the console and do you think the future for the console is bright?


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