Nintendo Switch & Game Sharing

Currently on the Switch game sharing isn’t possible, if you log into another Switch that has to be made your home console to download and play any games on, meaning your other Switch isn’t able to play any games you own. I’ve tried this out and there is no way to do it… Currently.

One of the questions on the FAQ released today by Nintendo has raised an eyebrow for me, it could be an indication that we may be able to be able to game share when the online system comes into play.

The FAQ in question is this one:

Now, the FAQ states that when sharing the Online Service Subscription to another Switch, you just log in to the other Switch with the account that holds the membership. To do this though, would mean that the other Switch suddenly can’t be used, as stated above, it would be removed as your home console. But what if, just what if it didn’t and it allowed you to log into 2 Switchs for the sake of the Family Membership?

Say I buy my wife a Switch, I would love to share games with her (this is currently the only reason she doesn’t have one because I’m not buying those games again), so I set her up in my family plan and it needs me to also be logged in on her Switch for the subscription to be active for her…. If this is the case, would I be able to redownload my games for her to play? In this scenario, yes I would and all would be right with the world and Thanos has spared me for a reason…

However, take this with a pinch of salt, this is Nintendo after all and doing something like this doesn’t seem like them, they’re just giving us Cloud Save Space, so the idea of console sharing will probably come along with Switch 2…. Or whatever they’re going to cook up next.

However, I can keep my fingers crossed that I’m wrong and they will actually allow this… We’ll have to wait till at least September to find out… Ultimately though it could be just saying that if you sign onto another Switch your subscription will be there. I’ll keep dreaming….

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