Nintendo Switch: Accessories Guide

Now that you have pre-ordered/purchased your Nintendo Switch console, the next thing that you may be thinking about is the little extras that come with it. Do you accessorise your new console or stay vanilla?

Well, for those of you who are after a few little bits and bobs when you get your console, then looks no further than our guide below.


Pro controller

The pro controller might be one of those things that is high on most people’s list to get, especially if you are going to treat the console mainly as an at home only machine.

This will also give you a more home console feel for the Switch and we would probably bet that this would be the best way to play the new Zelda and other upcoming games from the comfort of home.

Amazon UK – £64.99

Charging Grip

This may seem a strange one. The console comes bundled with a Joy Con grip, but the one bundled doesn’t charge the Joy Cons. The way to charge them is when the console is connected to the AC Adapter or when docked. So if you would like to charge while playing on your home TV, this is probably the best option.

Amazon UK – £27.99

Carry Case

New gadgets these days are expensive and the Nintendo Switch is no different. Especially when we are going to be able to take it out and about with us and play pretty much where we like.

This is where the carry case comes into it. A carry case will allow you to take your games and everything with you while avoid scratches to the screen and other markings which could harm the console. This will also protect the charging sockets from dust and other things finding their way in there.

Amazon UK – £19.99

AC Adapter

Again, just like the charging grip, this may seem strange to you. However, think about it, if your AC Adapter is connected to your dock and you want to take the Switch out with you, but not sure the battery will last the entire time, you may not want to have to wrestle with wires etc, so a spare AC Adapter will save time, and you can also keep the spare in you carry case if you get one! Everyone will be a winner here!

Amazon UK – £27.99

Joy Con Wheel

Fancy playing a bit of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Love using the wheel for it though? Well, never fear, the answer is here in the form of the Joy Con Wheel!

Amazon UK – £13.99

Additional Joy Cons

More Joy Con goodness? Wanting to play Split Screen on Mario Kart or your other Nintendo favourites?

Remember 2 sets of Joy Cons can turn into 4 controllers as each Joy Con can be used a separate controller. So if you have 3 friends around and fancy playing split screen battle on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, then you’re going to need that extra set of Joy Cons! (Joy Con use as singular controller is game dependant… Always check the label 😛 )

Amazon UK – £74.99

Expandable Memory

This is a big one for me…. Nintendo announced that the Switch will only sport 32gb of internal memory, however this can be added to by using SD Cards.

If you are going physical and getting cases then this won’t be an issue to start with, however if you are going to be going digital for the Switch, then this will more than likely cause issues with memory running out pretty quickly.

There are various sizes of memory cards available and it will be up to you which one you go for, and bigger obviously lasting longer, however it will cost a great deal more, so there is that to think about as well.

How the Switch will respond to maybe using multiple smaller capacity SD cards is yet to be seen, but I guess this is going to be something we will find out shortly.



Prices correct at time of publication. 

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