Nintendo and their codes

Is it time that Nintendo adopted a ‘friendlier’ approach to their usernames/gamer tags? The current set up that is used on the Switch is a 12 digit friend code, people used to the ways of the DS will be familiar with this, it’s what was used for that system. 

Now, I have to admit that when the Switch released back in 2017 I was a little shocked that that was the way they went again, afterall you look at Xbox and PlayStation and they’ve been using names for years, you could have your own personal tag and that was that. 

But the decision from Nintendo to stick with the 12 digit code is a baffling one, especially as someone asks me what my Switch code is… “eeerrrrmmm I’ll get back to you on that one, don’t have my Switch hand” is usually the answer you’ll get unless someone does have their switch on them. See one of the biggest issues I’m getting at? If someone asks me for my Xbox or PS tag, simple, search SuperJoon or SuperJoon84 as I am on PSN and you’ll find me…. Ask me my Switch friend code… not a clue. It’s not a friendly system to use and personally I find it annoying. 

Now, I’m playing Animal Crossing where the latest update includes the dream suite, where you fall asleep and visit other people’s islands! Great idea as it gives me inspiration for my own island… but there is a catch. To be able to see someone else’s island you have to have their island address, and guess what their dream address consists of? Yep, you guessed it, a 12 digit code… 

They could have used a far simpler system for this in which you don’t need codes, or at least don’t need to know the code. When you first go into the dream suite you could be given the choice of allowing your island to be placed into a database and when you want to view someone else’s island, you can simply be given a random island to visit. Another way they could add would be that you could pick any of your “best friends” on your NookPhone and visit them. 

Players would have to give permission first for their islands to be placed in a list before anyone can view it in the dreams suite, but it surely must be a better way to do things than a 12 digit code which you have to fish around for if anyone wants it.

I have just restarted my island so I wouldn’t personally have anyone around to see the nothingness that my island currently is, but when I’ve started to get things up and running I would love to have people come over and see what I’ve done and hopefully give them inspiration.

I really hope that Nintendo really looks at this and takes some action further down the line with the Switch or with their next console. Either way it does need to change to an easier way to find people or friends and I think personal tags should be the way forward. They’re much easier to share and it’s that extra personal touch as the tag would be something you picked yourself. 

Personal tags would also help with social networking, like myself, my tag is in my Twitter and Instagram handles making it easier for people to find me there and in the gaming world

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