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Ninja Pizza Girl is a supreme platformer with a deep-dish message. Set in a technicolour dystopia, this high-speed adventure about bullying, resilience and pizza delivery is a fast-paced parkour platformer that responds to your success. Fight to keep your ideals, your family and their business intact in face of the most merciless enemies known to any teenage girl – other teenagers.


Accessible flow-based gameplay that welcomes beginners while challenging speedrunners.
Face enemies that shove, trip, throw garbage in your hair and upload videos of their abuse.
Unique “health” system that tracks the player’s mood
Gameplay that simulate the effects of bullying and coping strategies
Original soundtrack by Max Maars who was featured on Triple J’s Unearthed
The only videogame to feature the phrase “No Pants. No Pizza.”


Ninja Pizza Girl is a platform game with a message. That message is about bullying and is touched upon throughout the gameplay via the story and inspirational messages on the loading screens.

You play as Gemma, the 16 year old daughter of  an independent Pizzeria. You are the delivery girl and your younger brother acts as your navigator, highlighting the way to your destination using green arrows.The aim of the game is to get the pizza to the customer before it gets cold and this is where the timed elements come in to play. Take too long and you have to return to the shop to pick up another fresh pizza. Deliver it before the time runs out and you are rewarded with a rating, the time, the higher the rating. This is the one feature that gives the game replayability, eeking out a few extra seconds to climb the online leaderboards.

There are the standard collectables to………….collect,  these can be used to buy different outfits – TLC items(cups of tea and bubblebath amongst them) and to unlock features that change the way you play the game (but only on levels already completed). The two main type of collectables are shown in the screenshot below. The blue recycle icon is used for the buying of things and the green QR code is for the unlocking of game changers.

NinjaPizzaGirl 2015-05-19 09-28-38-25

So, that’s basically the game explained. Now onto the gameplay itself.

Gemma has remarkable parkour skills and she can jump, glide and flip just about anywhere you need to take her. The early levels (there are 22 in total) ease you into the world of ninja pizza delivery and you will soon find yourself flying about the screen like a hamster on speed.

The level designs are quite good and there is always more than one way to get to where you’re going. There is the quick way which you will have to discover by yourself through trial and error or the more leisurely route (the one I take). It’s impossible to get lost on a level as each branch of your route, whether it be the quick or the slow, eventually leads to the door of your customer.

Upon reaching the door and delivering your tasty pizza, the customer and Gemma have a few lines of dialogue in which the bullying aspects of the story are played out.



As the game progresses you are presented with harder levels to complete and enemies to overcome. These enemies come in the form of other Ninjas delivering pizza for a big corporation (again with the bullying message). The nasty ninjas do all they can to slow you down and also insult you verbally and physically. Timing of jumps and planning of routes is essential if you want to post the quicker times, and multiple playthroughs of a level are recommended if this is your goal.

Ninja Pizza Girl is a good looking game, crisp backgrounds and the colours are bright…..unless Gemma is feeling down (typical teenage girl mood swings), if her mood dips because of falling too much or getting hit by the other ninjas then the colours fade to represent this.

NinjaPizzaGirl 2015-05-19 09-47-15-76

When Gemma is happy though, all is bright and well. The music also reflects her mood and is upbeat when she’s happy and downbeat when she’s not. The soundtrack is not bad and fits what is happening on the screen at the time.

The game is quite short, took me a couple of hours to complete all the levels, but as stated earlier there are things still to unlock and times to be beaten, so I will be playing again to find all the collectables and then probably play some more to improve my times.

So in conclusion, Ninja Pizza Girl is a fun, fast paced, good looking platformer that also carries with it a strong message about bullying and it’s consequences.

I’m going to give it a 7/10

Ninja Pizza Girl is available now on PS4 , Xbox One and Pc

Code kindly provided by Disparity Games


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