NieR: Automata – Review

In Nier Automata you play as 2B a battle class Android that is a part of Yorha. With your companion 9S you have to travel to earth on what seems like a routine mission to help the resistance force. However in true fashion things quickly go pear shaped and not everything is as it seems.

The narrative within the game is wonderfully told and it does have you wanting to just keep playing to learn more about what’s happening. The further you do get into the story the more compelling it became and there were times that I couldn’t take myself away from it. The first bit of the game you play through does set the tone for what is to come and gets you to know the characters and their stories, and it does hit you right in the feels at times.

From what I can see NieR Automata Platinum games have kept the base of the original NieR game and built on that, it will give you a kind of feel for Bayonetta, but that isn’t a bad thing.

The combat and movement is pretty slick and flows really well, this is really noticeable in boss fights where there is a lot of movement that you have to get through, especially dodging some of those attacks that come at you.

There are shops within the world, mainly at resistance camps, where you can buy additions as well as weapons. This is also where you can upgrade your weapons too, as long as you have the right materials to be able to do the upgrade. Don’t worry though, it does tell you what you need, so you can make a note of it and collect as you’re going through different missions!

On the mention of boss fights, I have to admit that they’re pretty standard to what you would find in most games, once you have learnt the pattern from the section you are on, it’s quite easy to get through, but you still have to be careful.

One thing I have fallen in love with about this game is how it goes about it’s overall game play. Switching from 3D open world, to 2D scrolling platformer and then to top down battles. The motion is so fluid and well designed that you barely notice it’s happening, it’s only after the realisation that I noticed that I was running round a tower in a 2D scrolling fashion when I had just been in an open 3D world. Amazing work!

What is so good about the camera work as well is the unpredictability of it. You just don’t know when it is going to turn to something else, you could be in a battle and moving onto the next stage and boom!! you’re now in top down mode or twin stick shooter as the case can be.

The worlds are so different that you get to visit as well, one moment you could be in the ruins of an old city, next you may find yourself within a vast desert or a jungle/woodland area. Each area has had so much TLC in the amount of detail that as gone into the design, it’s amazing to just walk around and see. There is one thing that has impacted on this though and this is especially to do with the ruined cities, and that is that you are unable to enter buildings. There may be massive holes in the walls big enough for you to walk through, but nope not allowed, and I think it would have been much better to have allowed more exploration in this sense.

The music within the game is so eloquent and beautiful, there are times I could just sit there and listen to it without playing. It gives off such a relaxing vibe at times, especially when you’re in the resistance base. I love that music and it kind of gives off a little bit of a Zelda vibe as well which is very pleasing on the ears.

The game does have network feature attached to it where you can see where other gamers have died in their game. You have a couple of choices available here. You can pray for them and send them a blessing or your can retrieve some loots from there body and this will give you small bonuses such as money, boosts etc. You can also revive a player and have them fight along side you for a small amount of time. Especially helpful if you can see someone has died against a boss and you can get their help to beat them. Handy!

I wasn’t too sure whether I was going to like this game or not, it’s not usually my style of game, however I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it and will continue to do so. The story has really gripped me and I would highly recommend the game.


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