New 3DS Review

The DS range has been around for a number of years, showing up in different forms from the DS, DSi, 3DS and 2DS. Now Nintendo has brought us the ‘New’ 3DS which has several new features added to it. But the main question is should you upgrade to one of these new 3DS or stick with the one you have?

There are plenty of things that scream out to you to get one of these new ones. There is the new C Stick that’s been added to the console, its kind of a mini Circle Pro Pad attachment that’s been added on, and i have to admit, that on the games its worked on for me (Mainly Majora’s Mask) it has been an awesome little attachment. It makes it so much easier to navigate the world and to be able to see what your doing more quickly than waiting for the camera angles to catch up with you.


The console is a lot quicker than its predecessors as well thanks to the faster processor power that is included with the new console. It does make a difference as well and it is very noticeable for me in the start up time for games and switching to the store and other apps.

The UI is a lot better as well from when I last played on a 3DS, the inclusion of Miiverse is brilliant and its a very good way to be able to communicate with the Nintendo community, talk about your favorite games as well as draw some awesome images, and there are some awesome images out there. The UI is a lot cleaner and I love that you can organise your games and apps into folders. There is the ability to change the size of the icons/folders as well so you can see as much or as little as you like on the main screen.


I am really impressed with the updated 3D on this console, it was one of the main gripes I had on the older 3DSs that even with a slight movement to the side the 3D effect would be lost and look terrible and would hurt my eyes. However, with the new super stable 3D there is a camera that tracks your head movement and keeps the 3D effect stable for you, and it genuinely works, and really well. There have been times when I have been laid down playing and the 3DS may not be in line with my eyes or slightly being held to the side and the 3D effect has been fine. Brilliant little update to the feature that is one of the reasons I would upgrade to a newer version.


Normally I would have chosen an XL version of the 3DS but I decided to go with the normal sized DS as I had read other reviews and watched other videos of people who had told me that it was slightly bigger than its predecessors and felt more comfortable. So I decided to go with the original sized one and try it out, see how the size was, and again I was impressed with how comfortable it was. I have big hands, Hulk Smash kind of hands so comfort is always important to me, specially with handheld devices and the times when I have a good session on it, I want it to feel comfortable for the whole time. This console is very comfortable for me to hold and I’ve sat and played it for over and hour and my hands have never felt like they were going to cramp.


There is also support on these new consoles for Amiibos. Simply place an Amiibo onto the bottom screen and it should connect and recognise. This works with games like Smash Bros and maybe we will see a new Mario Kart for 3DS soon that will use the Amiibo Support like on Wii U?

For the normal sized consoles, faceplates are also available allowing you to customise your device even more with cool images, and I can no doubt see in the future companies offering custom made ones with pictures of your choice on them.


One thing we have seen with the release of the new 3DS is that games are being made specifically for it, such as the Xenoblade Chronicles game which seems to use the extra power the new 3DS provides. Which I can see the up and downs to as people who want to play Xenoblade and other games which are going to be specifically designed for the new 3DS who only have an older 3DS wont be able too. But I think that it is good that games are going to be utilising that power to improve the games that are coming to the 3DS world.

The new 3DS also has 2 extra shoulder buttons… The ZL and ZR buttons, which is basically giving you a full controller in your hand… Are there plans to incorporate this new 3DS as another controller for the Wii U? There are plans afoot with the new NX codenamed console that Nintendo are working on, so I guess only time will tell.


I’ve gone through pretty much most of the new differences that comes with the new 3DS. But the ultimate question remains, should you upgrade?

My honest opinion, if you are happy with your current 3DS, stay with what you have, save your money, however I can honestly say that there are enough differences in the new system to warrant upgrading and wouldn’t begrudge anyone doing it and getting the new system. The upgrades to the processor to make it faster, the more stable 3D and the C Stick are all beneficial reasons for wanting to upgrade to a new system. After all, who wouldn’t want a faster more visually stable machine?!

I would love to get peoples thoughts who have purchased the new 3DS and what they think of it. Especially those who have upgraded. Do you think there is enough difference in the machines to warrant the upgrade?

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