Never Stop – Nintendo Switch Review

Never stop is an arcade platformer in which the aim of the game is to get as far as you can along the level. After you get to a certain points total, the area will change a different colour. You start off with pink, which then after 1000 or so points ends up going to yellow/gold…

The levels I think are the set and don’t change on each run, slight things do change with them, such as little placements of objects, but I think that the main design is set, I maybe wrong, but it’s quite hard too tell when going through the levels. There are power ups that you can collect along the way that do change with each playthrough. These come in many forms such as slowing down time, giving you extra points, adding a tracker so you can see where you’re going to land and others.

As you progress through each level and the points go up and the colours keep changing, there are more and more traps and objects that you have to try and avoid. Basically the difficulty ramps up the further you get along, and it does become of a game of skill the further you get on to try and duck, jump and burst past anything that’s there to try and stop you.

The controls are easy to manage, the game uses the left thumb stick or D-Pad to control the ball, and this is only to jump or burst across/past something. Jumping and bursting at the same time can also be put to good use, and jumping is achieved by pressing up and bursting, pressing right. If you quickly need to duck out of the way of anything you can press down on the stick/d-pad and this will throw you back towards the ground.

The game can be quite addictive at first, but you will soon find yourself getting quite bored with it, it has one mode to play through in single player and that is the same rinse and repeat. If you’re someone who likes to challenge yourself and get a higher score, then I would recommend this as it is a game that does want you to push yourself further and get further than you did last time.

There is a multiplayer function in the game, but it’s only on the one system, so you have to have multiple controllers to enjoy with up to 3 other friends. You can still challenge your friends with your single player score as this gets recorded on the front screen for you, however there is no leader boards or anything like that for others to see, so you basically have to show a screenshot online or show your friends in person what your score is. This was a little disappointing as it would have been good to see what scores my friends had. This could have added that little extra friendly competition.

Overall, it isn’t a bad game, it’s just one that you may get bored with quite quickly, however on the flip side, it is one that you could easily dip into for 10 minutes at a time if you don’t have long to play and a little time to kill. The game is fast paced once it gets going, it’s design is easy on the eye and can be challenging the further you get on.


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