Mother Russia Bleeds | Review

Mother Russia Bleeds was a surprise from this years Playstation Experience Event. It was more of a surprise that they announced that it would be releasing straight away.

Mother Russia Bleeds can only be described as a pretty violent brawler, not pretty in sense that the game looks good. Afterall, I’ve always wondered how 16 bit games can look pretty? But more on that later.

The story is set in an alternate Soviet Union, where a group of street fighters must over come the odds of a corrupt society as well as a forced drug addition.

The frist thing that I liked about this game was that it was a game for any occasion, if you wanted to play on your own and just chill out fighting through levels, that’s all good, but then if you had some friends round and had the controllers, you would be able to just pick up and go and have some co-op action. I’ll be brutally honest here, if I was to play through the game again, I think I would wait till I had a few co-op buddies with me as when playing on my own I found it a challenege to get through each area, mainly because more and more zombies or whatever they were kept coming at me. Best way for me to describe it was each section in the level was kind of a horde mode, where you would face wave after wave before being able to move onto the next.

The further into the game you got the more different enemies would be introduced as well. There are zombies which you face, but there are also scientists which through chemicals at you which can make you burn, there’s the authorities which look like something from Men in Black, then you have the rats, they hang onto your leg and just bite away, which gets really tiresome as there doesn’t seem to be a way to throw them off, they just end up going after a while. You also have bigger zombie type guys which spew stuff at you, again, this gets rather annoying.

When it comes to each enemy, the charactistic that they all display is that when trying to defeat them, you have to be quick about, especially with the scientists and rats and things that spew gunk over you. There is an animation to show they are about to attack, so if you can interrupt that before they manage to get the shot off, you’re going to be OK.

When it comes to weapons etc in the game, your character has his hands and feet, simples. However, enemies will have different weapons such as knives, clubs, batons, fire extinguishers and more. If you knock these out of your opponents hand, then it’s all fair game, you can pick these up and use them against them. One quite funny thing I found was, during gameplay you can take a drug which from what I saw provided Hulk like powers. With this you can knock enemies heads clean off there shoulders. You can then proceed to pick said head up and throw it at other enemies and watch them go flying. The first time I did this in game, I laughed harder than I should of.

The feel and sound for the game does come across as a 90’s arcade game, and I think with the 16 bit graphics that’s the type of feel that the game was going for. However, I have to admit that the story line was a little lacklustre for me. The words are there on the screen to read the dialect and you have the time to read it, but without the tone of voice and everything, a lot of it was lost on me and I struggled to understand where the greater good was and why we were doing what we were, and also why my character was initially kidnapped.

There are several game modes to enjoy, you have your classic arcade campaign, which was the storyline that I just mentioned. Then you have a Horde type mode where you do have to encounter wave after wave of enemies, with each round introducing something new to the mix. Then you have what is described as a ‘soul-crushing’ boss rush mode. Basically harder enemies, harder mode… If you like that sort of thing.

I have to admit that at first, the game seemed really fun and enjoyable to play. but the further I got into the campaign the more I realised that the game was very repetitive, just brawling your way through enemies after enemies. The other modes provide some form of relief, but again this is isn’t for long as they too become very repetitive.

Overall, Mother Russia Bleeds is a good game, it gives a nice nostalgia hit to the classic brawlers of the 90’s, but as mentioned above, can get very boring very quickly.


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