[Updated] – Minecraft Preview Gets Ray Tracing on Xbox

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[Update 01.04.22]

It looks like the ray tracing code put in has been removed from the game. Mojang announced on twitter that it was inadvertently placed into the game and doesn’t signal any near future plans.


It probably seems like an age since Ray Tracing support was announced for Minecraft back in 2019 but the latest preview build of the game now has a Ray Tracing setting available.

You’re able to toggle just how far this goes, but there is a warning for it as the further you set this the more taxing it’s going to be on your Xbox.

It does look like the console version of Ray Tracing isn’t as advanced as it’s PC counterpart, but it is only in the preview version so I am assuming that when it comes to the full release it should be there or there abouts on par.

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