Minecraft Dungeons – Review

At the start of the game you get to pick how your character looks from a line up of different style villagers. Then during the game as you progress you will get to loot stuff and gain more gear. Like any RPG as you level up you will get more powerful weapons and better armour.

Now, with enchantments, you can make your weapon, armour or bow even better. You get enchantment points from levelling up and these are used to add them to your stuff. They come in various forms where you can have an enchantment that gives you a better chance to drop food items or causes mobs to set on fire for a brief period of time. Your armour can give you more health and depending on the style of armour can give you other little goodies too. Enchantments come in 3 stages, so you can upgrade them 3 times to make them more powerful and some of them are an absolute joy to behold.

Come on, admit it, who doesn’t like running around procedurally generated worlds wielding a thunder hammer and laying claim to all who stand in your way? No, just me? I have to admit that this was my favourite weapon.

Artifacts within the game can give you a little boost for different things, you can have them to give you a healing boost when your health potion is still on cool down, you can get one that shields, there’s even a couple that can bring a wolf, iron golum and a Llama… Yes a Llama, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, that guy beasted through some mobs for me. I called him Dave. Dave will live long in the memory!

That was what I loved about this game, you could pick and choose how you wanted to set up, you had 3 spots for artifacts, so you could mix and match them up, I usually went with a healer, firework arrows and a pet. As you level up and start seeing more and more items being looted it gives you the chance to try them out, if you don’t like it, happy days, just deconstruct it and get some emeralds for it.

The next thing that I want to talk about is how the game looks, you get a top down view and I have to admit that the worlds are beautifully crafted, the detail in the them is amazing, and I found that it is good to explore the whole level, mainly because going off the main path can lead you to some excellent loot…. Or just a load of mobs… It’s fun whichever way it turns out!

As you level up and progress through the game, the mobs will start to have things like enchantments of their own, things like fire trail, these usually occur when you decide to turn the difficulty up a bit, which is another thing I think Minecraft Dungeons has got spot on.

Before going into a level the game will give you a difficulty based on your level, there are times it will let you drop it a notch or two if you’re not feeling that confident, or you can crank it right up and the game will give the approximate difficulty rating for your power level, which I thought was really good, and as you can see from the above screenshot you can change the difficulty to as hard as you’re comfortable with.

There is a little camp site that acts as your home area where you can select missions and see the blacksmith or wandering trader to get some random gear for the emeralds that you get from the levels. I felt that for the size of the area, it was pretty barren, not sure if this will get more things added later in updates, but it just didn’t feel finished to me.

I did encounter a few frame rate issues in the game, this got slightly worse as more and more mobs came onto the screen and there are times where I was inundated with mobs on the screen, luckily though when they surrounded me I had my lightning rod to reign down terror from above.

I also encountered issues on the Obsidian Pinnacle dungeon where you have to jump on springboards to bounce from one platform to another, I had times when I would do it and my character would just stop in mid air…. a few minutes later he would get dropped into the abyss below. Was really strange!

Minecraft Dungeons does have some replayability as each time you play through the 9 dungeons on offer, harder difficulties will be unlocked right up to Apocolypse difficulty.

Minecraft Dungeons does brilliantly to capture the Minecraft essence through the wonderfully designed dungeons and the various music tracks that play in the background.

Would I recommend this game? If you like Minecraft and Dungeon crawlers, this is going to be a game to whet the appetites.

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