Metropolis: Lux Obscura – Review

Metropolis: Lux Obscura is a game that combines a dark story told in motion comic scenes interspersed with a match 3 game for the fight sequences that your character encounters. The story itself is very adult themed with copious usage of bad language, scantily clad and sometimes naked strippers and a really graphic sex scene.

The game starts with the release from prison of Lockhart, the main character that you play. As you can see from the screenshots, the art style is stunning and the soundtrack, a film noir style music (which you can’t see (obviously) is equally fantastic.

Upon his release Lockhart finds himself once more embroiled in the seedy underworld in an attempt to discover who framed him for the murder of an old friend. He first visits a bar and is pointed in the direction of the local crime boss, the crime boss sets him on a path of discovery and encounters that involves drug dealers, strippers, a senators deranged son and an Elvis impersonator. There is a map of the city and you have choices to make about where to visit next and these choices lead you to a possible four different endings. In my playthrough I have only got one of the endings so far.

The match 3 element of Metropolis is instantly recognisable to anyone who has played the type before (and who hasn’t). There are attacks that include boots, fists, weapons (unlocked by story progress) and brass knuckles. There are also first aid kits that heal you and police badges that will deal damage to you if they should happen to match. Each fight starts with a random set of tiles and you usually have 2-3 attacks before your opponent will strike back. The randomness of the grid plays a huge part in how successful you will be in your fight, if you need healing and there are no first aid kits available in a matching sequence then you are basically just banging your head against a brick wall and will inevitably lose and have to restart the fight again. So there is a massive element of luck involved and no matter how skillful you are, RNG will screw you over more often than not.

If you win the fight there are modifiers that you can choose to help you in future fights.

Metropolis is a very short game and you could probably get all 4 endings in a couple of hours, so the longevity and replayability just isn’t there but for the bargain price of ¬£6.39 I think you will get your moneys worth.

It is like nothing I’ve played before and I’m glad I played it but I feel there could have been more depth to the story and more fights to lengthen the experience.