Mario Kart 8 Review

Its been a long time coming, but finally Mario Kart 8 is upon us. Is it worth the wait?….


Yes!….Yes it is! I've played Mario Kart since the beginning and even have the original downloaded from the Wii U eShop. I love these games, i grew up playing them with my brother and having hours and hours of fun with my family. Specially Mario Kart Wii.


Now the HD era of Mario Kart is upon us, and she is beautiful!!   🙂 The amount of detail that has gone into each track is unbelievable. The little details around the edges with the crowd, as well as seeing things like details for MKTV, and other things associated with the characters. Which is quite funny to think bowsers hence men could have businesses!  :laughing: 

The style of the menus, if you have played Mario Kart 7 on (3/2)DS you will be familiar with the layout. Picking your character, and then picking what you want your car/bike to look like. For me after unlocking most of the items, i've gone with Mach 8, Wooden Wheels and Cloud Parachute!  :laughing: I did test with many other combinations first, but this was the one that seemed the most comfortable for my driving style! 


The overall feel of the game when driving, is pretty standard to any Mario Kart that you've played. Buttons feel fantastic to use, A to drive and ZR to use which ever prize you have received from the [?] boxes. 

The GamePad has been fully executed for this game as well, which is nice to see. People thought that it was going to be used for just the horn. Its been used so that, yes you can use it as a horn, or you can play Off-TV, or you can bring up a full screen for the map to see where people are around the track. So theres many uses for the GamePad, and it gives you lots and lots of details to look through for the race! If you do have it set to the main 'horn' screen, theres also details on there so you can see what position everyone is in! 

There have been games lately that haven't had that factor thats wanted me to keep going back to them. This is not one of those games. I can change from single player to multiplayer just to get a change of pace in the game. Which is what can be needed at times, specially if you're playing on your own. However with friends playing as well, there are many many hours of fun to had out of this game, and gives the game that re playability.

There are a few options in Multiplayer that you can choose from. You can decide to play with anyone in the world, you can play with people in your region (Presuming that means country), and you can choose to play with friends, as well as setting up Tournaments. (Something which im going to be doing and getting organised when the game is released.  :laughing: )


In conclusion: Nintendo are hoping that this is going to be the game that gets the Wii U off the ground. Im hoping the same. However, the game is fantastic, amazing, and everything you could want from a Mario Kart… Especially in HD! But whether its enough to bring people to the console, im not sure. This could have been the game people were waiting for before getting a Wii U. <br><br>

I have given this 99%…. What will make it 100% is if they release more tracks as DLC! I will throw money at that!

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