Maneater – Review

Now I can hear you asking, but surely can’t be all there is too it? No, not in the slightest, as you swim the waters you can rank your shark up and add any new abilities to which you obtain, this can be done in the safe zones which are known as grottos, which also acts as a save point too.

So, what features can you add to your shark? Well, you can change up the teeth, head, fins, body, tail and add extras to the organs. This can be anything like sonar ability which can be upgraded over time to be able to reach further distances.

There are plenty of abilities to mix and match up and when it comes to your shark, it would all be down to preference and your style of play.

There are 7 massive areas for you to explore and the more you rank up your shark, the further you’ll be able to go, there are grates which separate the areas and they will give you an indication of what stage in the sharks life you need to be to be able to access them.

Maneater has the usual side missions as well as collecting or finding caches/loot to help with upgrading your shark. It’s all pretty standard and once you swim by them they will usually go onto your map so you can go back and find them if you didn’t see them first time.

The missions within the game can be a little bit repetitive, its usually go here and kill so many baracudas or take out so many humans on the beach, the latter usually ends up with bounty hunters coming after you. However I will say that there is so much satisfaction in leaping out of the water and dragging someone down. So majestic!

Going back to the bounty hunters within the game, as your infamy grows, more and more bounty hunters will come after you, these can range from people on ski boats to the full on coast guard tracking you down. As I have found out when it comes to this type of situation, which at times can be rather heavy with loads of hunters showing up, its not a bad tactic to run and fight another day.

This was how I felt at the start of the game, being a little pup shark and suddenly finding massive alligators storming towards me… NOPE… not today! I just tried to swim away from them, but when you come up against a hunted alligator which is a much higher level than you, those guys seem a lot faster and harder to shake off!

The world is nicely designed as well and sometimes it can be relaxing just swimming around and finding items, caches or number plates from cars to collect. This was one thing I loved about the game, its ability to let you just do your own thing. You can swim about and look for the collectibles or just check the quest list and complete those.

A lot of the time you cant move to another area until certain quests have been completed. There was one thing I found frustrating and that was question markers didn’t come across as clear to follow. Yes, you can see it there, but the layout of the waters meant it wasn’t sometimes as straight forward as just going straight ahead, although I did leap over a barrier once as I couldn’t be bothered to find the path round. But then the plus side to that is that you will get to explore more of the waters, and I think at times this is what Maneater tries to do. It tries to get you to explore the world and find everything out about it.

To me this is an excellent game that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing and enjoyed my time as a shark. It’s a different style of RPG and it has been quite refreshing to play. Yes, it has some of the foibles as other RPGs such as repetitive missions and quests, but to be honest, it’s pretty much the same in most RPGs.

Highly recommended!

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