Mafia Definitive Edition – Review

I never got round to playing this game when it originally came out, so it was nice to get to finally be able to play through the full trilogy after playing through Mafia 3 and the second one again. When I heard that they were remaking this from the ground up and we got a few glimpses at what it was going to look like, I liked what I saw, the game looked very impressive and I was excited to get to try it.

Starting the game and playing through it, I have to admit that it doesn’t disappoint, this is a very good looking game, the environments, the characters, lighting, it is all absolutely brilliant. I managed to finish the story within the first 24 hours the game released, and partly this was how much I was enjoying being in the world and getting around to see more.

It also helped that the story within the game was also an absolute gem and kept me hooked from start to finish, from the time Tommy meets Paulie and Sam, right down to the ending, part of which you get to see if you’ve played the remastered version of Mafia 2, and I must admit that that was a nice tie in for both games, just like then you have Vito in Mafia 3 which ties the second and third together. I like it when things link up like that, it helps to make it one complete story and shows how the mafia has changed over the years from the 30’s right up to the 60s.

I want to come back to talking about how the game looks and the differences from the original, you can see from the Gamespot video below, the differences from the first to the remake, now there was always going to be a big difference, but it also shows how the game was tweaked, little scenarios changed and also how the character models are nothing alike, which I guess has now come down to the technology used to capture faces etc.

I also loved in the game the way it portrayed family the closeness of the Salieri’s, a kind of brotherhood with Tommy, Sam, and Paulie, and just the tragic way that it all had to end, I did think that something like this might happen from how the game is set out with Tommy meeting the detective, but not in the fashion it did.

I enjoyed playing through the story, as I said above, its an excellent well written story and I have to say that it is just like the other 2 games in the franchise, and this is partly why I feel this is one of my favourite franchises and would love to see a 4th game brought out. I feel with the different eras and how the mafia and the world changes there are plenty of situations in which they could pick from for the fourth games.

The game isn’t perfect, and I have to be honest here, what game is? There are some technical glitches that strike every now and then and the driving aspect of the game was pretty annoying for me, mainly how cars will just cut over you and you will smash into the side of them. I’m not sure if this was how people drove back in the 30s but it was very annoying, and also people would just walk out into the road without stopping. I’m pretty sure even back then people would have checked to see if something was coming and the cars wouldn’t have been quiet things either.

If you’re looking for a single player game to play through that has an excellent story, a beautifully detailed world, then look no further than Mafia Definitive Edition. Also, if you haven’t played any of the trilogy, this is a very good place to start at and work through the full set.

Highly recommended.

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