Lovely Planet | Review

When I saw this game was coming to Xbox One, I decided to watch some videos and streams on it as the pictures and screenshots from the game looked interesting.

The game looked vibrant and colourful, as well as having a rather fast pace to it. The main aim of the game was to get around a course avoiding enemies along the way. Kind of like a first person Mario… A colourful, weirder Mario.

The game is a first person shooter, where you have to go around certain levels to try and get to the end pole… Mario… Again…

When you start playing the first level, you will notice that there are lots of vibrant colours and random shapes that make up the level design and the setting around.


Each level is designed like a little Island, and as you progress through each, they start to get harder with more enemies and obstacles to overcome. I did like the level design because there were times that it would turn out to be a very sneaky game.

I would be happily going through the worlds and would have a sharp corner to turn or into a U bend and right there after the corner would be a red block preparing the shoot at me… Luckily, I’m faster 😉 But you do have to have your whits about you with this game. Think John Tutturo in Mr. Deeds… Very sneaky!

Enemies are designed as either an angry looking red triangle, an angry looking red block that shoots little purple squares at you, and red balls of nothingness that come flying through the air. So, as you can see, you are up against the epitome of evil when trying to get through the courses.


The courses start off quite short and easy with just the basics. What I really liked about this, there is a kind of tutorial to take you through the first lot of levels, the tutorial is embedded into the worlds design, which reduces the annoying popups that come up telling you what to do. They are quite clear and easy to see and read.
When going through the levels, if you make a mistake either by being shot by the enemies, or falling off the world, then that will restart you back to the beginning to try again. You can manually do this yourself by pressing ‘X’ on an Xbox controller.

This may be quite dangerous for some, especially if you’re on a good run and about to set a good time for the level, and your finger slips and back you go to the start. Insta-shut down haha! Other things that cause you to go back to the start are shooting the friendlies in the game. These are little grey blocks that have little hearts around them, and not shooting them on certain levels can be harder than it seems, as some times they’re put quite close to enemy blocks, and with the speed of the game it can make it hard to not hit them…


I do like the feel for the game; it feels fluid and not wooden as some of the games that are out there. It’s really free moving, and doesn’t have that sluggish feel to it. You feel like you have the freedom to move about and not weighed down by a ball and chain.

One thing that is disappointing is that there are no cross hairs for your weapon, which can make it a bit awkward when shooting, especially if you have got a friendly block right by an enemy. Quite a few times I ended up shooting the Friendly and having to go back to the start of the level and try again.

I found with this game, that it’s not one that I can see myself getting engrossed in for hours and hours. It’s a good gap filler if you’re looking for something to play for maybe up to 30 minutes, but it isn’t something that you can get stuck into for hours.

Im going to give this Lovely Planet a 3/5

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