Lost Sea | Review

Lost Sea is an action/adventure game brought to us by Eastasiasoft.

The main aim of the game is that you are a survivor on an island, and you have tablets to find within the island which will allow you to then sail elsewhere in the world.

The game has a top down view with really nice cartoon style graphics and good use of colours. I love the art style for this game, and think with the top down view it brings, make makes a really nice looking game.

Each island that you want to sail too will have a difficulty rating, bring a pirate game these are displayed with skulls. The more skulls, the harder the island, unless you come across an island designed as a skull which means that they’re bosses on there to fight, probably not the best idea to go there first though.


When you start the game and go through a kind of tutorial to help you with the controls, as you get to the end you open save someone that in turn opens up the trader.

With the trader you can use the XP you have gained to buy things such as player skills, carrying more items, recruiting people, more attack options as well as upgrading your ship. It’s a pretty simple system but is effective for the game and does the job well.

There are tablets to collect on each island, and these vary from 1-3 per island, and these will help you to get to from one island to another.

Initially when you start the game you only get one survivor to recruit, but as you progress and work through the islands you will find that there you could end up with a little army following you. It’s good to make sure as well that you have a good mix of survivors in your group as each will bring there own uniqueness to the group in terms of what they can do. An example of this would be that you can get some survivors to carry tablets for you if there are more than one on the island, and others can build bridges to help you get across to places you couldn’t previously.

My only gripe with this game was in regards to the survivors, they are like love sick puppies and follow you everywhere to the point where they will get stuck on walls if you turn a corner too sharply and they will stay there until you go back and get them.


Also if you are fighting enemies, your survivors will still hang around you, so if they don’t take damage from the enemies, then they will more than likely take damage from you swinging your sword at your enemies. Rather annoying.

When you finally return to the docks with your tablets, you have a few options ahead of you, you can place the tablets and go back exploring around the world, or you can move on and sail to another island. Leaving the island will however cause you to lose any survivors that you haven’t recruited yet.

There are island bosses which you go up against, and luckily your survivors will run away for these leaving you one on one. If you have upgraded your character enough then these boss battles are easy and shouldn’t really cause any challenges. Just make sure you’ve upgraded enough with the trader.


In Lost Sea death means death. Game over. Finito. However, if you have reached a new area, you will be allowed to warp to this area again to continue from there.

Overall, this is a really good game and is a different to what you find out there at the moment. There aren’t many pirate games out there like this and it is a change of pace. Along with the lovely style the game provides, this is worthy of the ¬£12 price tag.

Im going to give Lost Seas 8.5/10


Game reviewed on Xbox One and kindly provided by EastAisaSoft, thanks goes to them for the opportunity.

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