List Emerges of Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible Launch Games.

A list has emerged online of a list of games which claims to be the launch line up for the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.Nothing official has been announced yet from Xbox regarding which games are going to be in the lineup which will see a huge boost at launch on November 12.

You can view the list below.




The list isn’t for definite, however, there are a lot of first party games on there, and games from publishers who have said they will bring there games to backwards compatibility. So the list could be a good shout, but until something official is mentioned from Xbox then I would take this with a pinch of salt.

If the list above the launch games, are there any on there that you are excited to play? I’m looking forward to getting back into Fable 2&3 as well playing Alan Wake as I never got to first time round!

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