Life is Strange – Episode One

This is one of those games that has really sneaked up on me. I had seen and heard people talking about, but I hadn’t really seen anything in terms of the game or what it was about, so when I started playing it I got a really nice surprise.

You take on the Character Max, a Young Girl in her teens going through schools and learning the joys of everything that comes with it.

The start of the episode throws you into a storm and what seems like a surreal experience, however after a few minutes your character wakes up in the class room at her school. She soon finds out that after an incident in the bathroom where she witnesses a pupil get shot, that she can rewind time. She doesn’t believe it at first, then again who would?


Time is reversed and she finds herself back in the classroom at the point where she woke up. I have a feeling the storm scene we witnessed at the beginning of the episode will play some part. Has she reversed time to that point as the tree was falling? If so, why didn’t she remember doing it? Guess these are questions that will be answered in following episodes.

All through the episode you can reverse time and also use it to reverse decisions you made to try and get a better outcome for Max.

The game reminds me of the story telling that Quantic Dream did for Heavy Rain, and I loved the story telling in that game. I loved being able to make those choices which lead to whichever ending I got. I’m wondering if this will have the same kind of effect at the end of the game? Kind of like Telltale where the decisions made throughout the episodes affect the rest of the game, this is something that I love, however while the impact of the decision is felt throughout the game, when you make the decision you can reverse time back and change the decision if you want to. You’re not then stuck when making a bad decision. (I made a few of those in a my run through for The Walking Dead Season 1)


The graphics for the game as lovely and are quite photographic, which is rather poetic for the character your playing as she is a star photography student and shows a lot of potential with the pictures and artwork. Again, there is a light comic style to them, kind of like Telltale but not as comic, but like I stated, there well suited to the game and the character.

I think the game so far has been a brilliant start to what will only be a fantastic series, and games like this remind me of TV series, when you finish one episode you want the next one to come along quickly…. However with games like this, you usually have to wait a while till the next one, and I have to admit that I can’t wait for Episode 2.

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