Lego The Hobbit Review

I love the Lego Franchises, and this is another one to add to that list. The game is beautiful and shows Middle Earth off in all its glory!

The main story of the game flows through the first 2 films. (~With the third film being added as DLC most likely next year). The story is fairly accurate to what happens in the film, however there are obvious differences. Such as Radagast being with Gandalf all the way through the Dolgur Dur sequence, when in the film, Gandalf sends him away part way through. Another difference was the ending with Smaug and Bilbo was different. The game shows them all going into together, and you play using two characters (Bilbo and Balin), when again in the film, only Bilbo goes in . The reason being because his scent is all but a mystery to the dragon, where he can recognise the scent of dwarves. So just little things that were really picked up on. I have a feeling this was done due to the games co-op element and needed to have two characters ready to play in case you were playing co-op or someone wanted to jump in.

Other than that this was a truely enjoyable game to play through, and being a fan of the series, made it even better. I think this is one of the reasons that I love Lego games. Mainly for lego in general as im a big kid at heart, but also because the franchises they use such as Marvel, DC and films etc, are all franchises that I enjoy. Such as Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman, Marvel Avengers etc.

Would I recommend this game to anyone? If your a fan of the films then yes, and that goes for any of the Lego Franchises. If your a fan of the series, don’t be put off by the Lego aspect of things, they are very enjoyable.

What I love about the latest Lego games as well ,and I think this started with Lego Lord of the Rings, is that they are now using voices for the characters and they speak now, and its not just scrolling text… AWESOME! Whats more awesome than that though… They use the actual dialogues from the films as well. (Apart from Lego Marvel as that wasn’t based on the film. Actors were used but not the Marvel stars such as RDJ, SLJ etc)

There was one glitch which I came across, which I’m not sure if its the same for everyone who played the game, but you can see the glitch below.

As you can see the guards seem to be buried in the floor… Awkward… However, when you go to the camp and change the time of day to night, and go back to them to get passed, they’re lying perfectly on the ground as they should be… Strange!

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