Lego Marvel Superheroes Review

Review – Lego Marvel Superheroes By [link=]Luke Spiby[/link]

With the game now available across all platforms is this a marvellous game? Or will it find itself in an early grave in the game cemetery? Following in the footsteps of previous Lego game titles in its gameplay, you’ll find yourself in New York with around 150 characters from the marvel universe. With many of your favourites to play with and each with there own unique abilities, you’ll have to stop Doctor Doom and his army of villains from putting together the Doom Ray of Doom by collecting the cosmic bricks.

We start off with Iron Man and Hulk, who are aided by our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. Our 3 heroes must defeat Sandman and Abomination who are hunting down a cosmic brick in Grand Central Station. As the story progresses we play as many of Marvels big shots including, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor, Thing and many more each helping you on your quest to stop Doctor Doom and his army from collecting them cosmic bricks. Doom’s army has a few of our favourite villains from Venom, Magneto, Dr Octopus plus more. You’re bound to spot your poison!

Each super hero has unique powers helping you with the different puzzles and combat you’ll face. Many of the characters moves and powers are replicated from what we’ve seen in the Marvel films and are done so to a very good standard. The Hulk using Loki as a rag doll being my favourite. These moves and powers will help you to unlock bricks and new characters/vehicles.
Featured in the game are several oversized characters which are safe from puny (normal) sized lego opponents attacks. Despite their size they’re no game changer, but they offer lots of fun and are sweet to play with. Many Marvel fans will have noticed their super heroes creator, Stan Lee is featured in the game with you having to rescue him in 50 small peril missions.

With the game aimed at a younger audience than most popular games such as Battlefield and the Call of Duty games, it’s key that the game is tailored to them. The combat and the puzzles through out are simplistic, with you merely having to match the power to the puzzle. I can’t say i’d recommend this to anyone who’s after a good challenging game or visually stunning, but what it serves is simple yet effective just like the Lego kits themselves.

The only real drawback i’ve encountered in the game is the flight mode, it’s controls aren’t the easiest to master. With the acceleration and ascending sharing the same button you’ll find yourself scraping many buildings and overshooting your destination.
I’ve not myself had the opptunity to play co-op and probably wont as there isn’t any online features, so maybe we could see this put into future Lego games? Despite the flight confusion and no online co-operative play available this doesn’t really make a dent in scoring the game with everything else it has offered up.
The story I completed in around 13 hours, but since then i’ve probably spent a further 20+ hours replaying levels, collecting studs, bricks, characters and exploring the rich Lego open world. So theres hours of gameplay for you to enjoy.

I think TT (Traveler’s Tales) have done a super job with this release. A relaxing and witty game with great attention to detail in both characters and the open world it’s self. Both fans of Marvel and Lego games can enjoy the experience TT have given us here. Excelsior!


Clever comedy humour

Open-world New York

Accurate character portrayed

Stan Lee


Flight mode

No online co-op or any online feature






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