Lego City Undercover – Review

Lego City Undercover was one of my favourite games on the Wii U and I had always hoped that one day it would be released to the wider audience with Xbox One and PS4, and here we are today, talking about the Xbox One version of the game.

In Lego City Undercover you play as Chase McCain, a police officer who has been brought in to help capture the fugitive Rex Fury…. Who incidentally you placed in prison in the first place. However, as you play through the story you find that not everything is as it seems, and that there is a bigger plot going on! In case you haven’t played the game yet, I won’t spoil it for you and let you enjoy it.

Staying with the Story element of the game, which I have to admit I really really enjoyed, right up until the end when I thought it got a bit strange and out of context. When you’re going through each of the missions and getting the clues that you need to and picking up the disguises that will ultimately help you finish the game, you just don’t notice where the game is going to go and when it finally happens I was like ‘Huh?’ – It didn’t seem like the right direction to take, sure it brought different elements to the game, but the level didn’t really effect anything as you had to change disguises and build stuff. I just didn’t really understand it if I’m being honest.

The humour within the story as well had me laughing quite hard, especially when Frank Honey was involved, his character was for me inch perfect in how he was portrayed and the humour used for him. This is kind of what makes up Lego games, the humour side of it. If you look back through all the different Lego Games that have been released you will see that there is always that element of humour, and because this was a fresh idea, something new for Lego Games, it allowed that little bit more freedom that maybe the licensed games wouldn’t due to story lines and having to stick to the film/franchise.

I love the references in the game as well to the different movies and TV shows. There’s Arnie references to all his different films, which was the cheesiest cheese ball that ever cheesed, there is a reference to Doctor Who and the polarity of the neutron flow as well as posters referencing the Jaws films.

I think this is partly where this game shines through, it’s a completely random world that has been made with same elements and familiarity of other Lego games, but with it’s own identity and a few new ideas thrown in.

One thing that I would be interested in knowing, is that when this was released on the Wii U, it also had another version which was released on the 3DS at the same time. However, the 3DS version had a different story linked to it, the 3DS version was a prequel to the Wii U version. The Wii U and indeed the latest re-release tells the story of Chase McCain and his story to capture Rex Fury… Again. I say again because the 3DS tells the story of what happened before and how Lego City Undercover came about. What interests me about this, is whether or not they will re do this version for consoles so that everyone can understand what happened previously, as this is mentioned loads throughout Lego City Undercover. So you could be forgiven for being a bit confused about the constant talk of what happened previously.

I personally think it would be a good idea to do as you would get the full picture of what happened between Chase, Dumby and Rex previously.

The Lego City world is vast, full of life and has plenty of things to do. What’s good about having so much to do in each section of the world is that in the menu you are able to see how much you have to do in the whole world as well as in each individual district. It can get a little overwhelming as well as times, as you will be working towards one thing, and you’re getting to the end of doing that but 3 other things you have to race or collect or capture turn up. I found it better with this is to just stick to one district and get everything in that district out of the way first before moving onto the next one. Makes it a little less daunting as you can see what there is to do in the menu, however seeing you have 25 gold bricks to collect and not knowing where they are can be a little disheartening but once you start and get going you find that they can fly at you from all angles. One of the issues I have with the game is that when shutting it down and starting again the next time, everything resets, so I don’t know if I’ve discovered something on a trail and I’m only going to get a a stud for my issues, as there are times that climbing away can take ages, only to discover I’ve already claimed my prize… Fuming.

Unfortunately, I have to mention the problems that I’ve had with the game, and this isn’t a fairly short list and for me should have been things that were picked up previously, I’ve also included a video below of one said glitch I’ve encountered, which as you can see I had found a little pig lost and lonely wandering the lands and on top of a very high roof, which took me ages to get to him. Riding him to the cannon to fire him back to the farm and instead the game glitches out, throws me across the map with no pig in sight. I haven’t been able to get back up to the pig to see if the glitch sent him home or not… I will get back to that eventually.

Another glitch is during missions, and it always seemed to be on the second part of a mission when it’s loading up, the screen will just stick on the black loading screen, but it has actually loaded the game in the background and when I press the guide button on the Xbox Controller, you can see the game as loaded but the loading screen won’t go away and the game needs restarting. I have also had the game randomly kick me back to dashboard all nonchalant as though nothing was occurring and I’ve lost all the progress that I had for the mission I was on.

Other issues that I have encountered are that the HUD would just disappear and I couldn’t see what I was collecting or anything else, I’ve also been locked in a room and had to restart the game to be able to get out of the room, and there have also been other parts which have randomly glitched such as going to Lady Liberty Island and having to do a part to climb up and put the fire out, however the game won’t allow it.

Me and my wife checked each others games out, and one was a roaring inferno to put out with black smoke, the other was a tiny tickle of a flame which couldn’t be put out. Fortunately as the jet pack had been unlocked I could cheat over the flames and land on the wire to get to the end. The only problem with this is, as this is part of a free run course it may cause issues on completing this later on.

My overall view on the game, personally, the story the way the whole game is, I absolutely love it, the world is vibrant, the AI is stupid but this just adds to the randomness that occurs within. I would recommend the game, I really would, however, be advised that there are some issues with the game which I hope are going to get patched.


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