The Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess HD | Review

I absolutely love the Zelda series and although i’ve always counted The Ocarina of Time as my favourite, Twilight princess does come in at a close second. When I played Twilight Princess on the Wii, I loved everything about it, the story, I loved the characters and the general setting and design work.

The overall feel for the game took me back to Ocarina of Time and gave me that nostalgia that I had felt the years previous. That’s one thing that I love when playing a different game in a franchise, can it take you back and give you those feelings that you had again, make you fall in love once more with a franchise which has clutched at heart strings for so long and just keeps going.

What’s even more brilliant is just how strong the storyline is for Twilight Princess and how much of an adventure it takes you on, but not only that you can see how faithful Nintendo and their partners have been to the game while giving the game that heart of life to invigorate and get players playing it again.

People are going to wondering about what the game looks like, and you can see a comparison picture below to see the difference, and there is a very big difference. The graphics are a lot more crisper, there’s so much more detail that has gone into the worlds that the detail is brilliant. The one issue I do have is how flat some of the layers look, like the details on the cliff/rock edges, or the grass looking flat, maybe that’s something that they couldn’t rectify from the original game, and I am really hoping that the Zelda designed for the Wii U doesn’t have this issue.


Other than that I can take nothing away from the game, it looks as good as any Zelda game should, and match that with the depth of the story, you are onto an all round winner here.

I played the game when it was released for the Wii and at that time I couldn’t get used to playing Twilight Princess with the motion controls, for some reason it just didnt feel right to me so its very nice to be able to play with either the GamePad or the Pro controller and have that feel for playing the game like I did playing Ocarina of Time on my N64.

There are motion controls within the game which you can use on the GamePad to mimic the motion controls from the Wii, such as aiming the slingshot etc, however these can be switched off to give a more standard feel of using the sticks to get the control of Link (or whatever you have named your character).

I enjoy using the GamePad on games like these as I love the inventory and everything being at my fingertips, and it’s nice to just press or drag an item on the screen to get it put into your selected items. However, take nothing away from using the pro controller as the feel in your hand and playing the game as well as accessing the menu is just as flawless and well designed as any other game out there.

What I do love about how they have redesigned the controllers to work is how they have made it so that every button has something to do, nothing has been left out, and it has all been done with comfort in mind as well, I don’t find any of the buttons confusing or hard to reach, especially when playing with the GamePad, and it’s probably something that we take for granted a bit, but if you look back at the Wii version of the game and how motion orientated it was with very little button work, you can understand the work and care that has gone into getting this work properly. Pure genuis!

If there is one complaint I have with the game is that the horse feels like your flying a boeing 747 and certainly turns like one, Wolf Link as well still has his issues, however I guess this is going to be down to using animations etc from a decade ago, so this is why its only a very minor complaint.


For everything that the game and series is, you always have to look at the dungeons within the game, and for the mystic caves, misty mountains, volcanic scenery there is always that element that shows the amount of care that goes into a Zelda game and how they make each part different so that the overall experience keeps you on your toes right to the end.

I love the addition to the game of the Wolf Link Amiibo, there are additional quests that you can access for it, and it will also save your progress in the game so you can just put the Amiibo on the GamePad when you’re on the main title screen and it will load your game up for you so your ready to go. Awesome!

Now the big question everyone will be asking is should they be spending the full retail price on a HD remaster? The answer is yes, especially for those who never played the original game either on Gamecube or the Wii.

The fact that you can get a Wolf Link Amiibo and Soundtrack with it too for a little extra (the full pack I bought was £44, which if you think about the cost, it’s definitely worth it).

It is a franchise that I love, and I love playing the games, and will go back to them time and time again. (I’m unsure how many times i’ve completed Ocarina of Time lol).

I’m going to give Twilight Princess HD a 9

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