Land It | Review

I loved the idea behind Land It when I heard about it and was quite interested to play the game and see how it fared up.

The concept was a simple one, just move and land planes, simple… yes? Well, actually yes, it is that simple. When you start the game, you are taken through the basic tutorial which shows you how to control the planes and move them around the worlds. It also shows you how to land the planes as well the obstacles you face in the worlds such as mountains as well as controlling multiple planes on the screen at the same time. As you are going through the tutorial you will find at the controls are very easy to pick up and I think this is why the tutorial isn’t actually that long.

I do love the concept behind Land It, it is something different and not one that we have seen before, or at least not for a while on previous consoles. The game is a very laid back one, there are a few awkward moments that I noticed though, and it was down to changing the plane you were controlling. There were times that when I tried to change to another specific plane it would go to another one, so I would try to go from there to the plane I wanted and it would take me back to the plane I was just playing as… I lost a lot of planes because of this. Annoying. However, that was the only gripe I had with the game, I can see Land It having a very wide appeal to all gamers, mainly because it is such  laid back game.


In terms on longevity, there isn’t anything there to keep people coming back for more or for staying on the game for hours. It’s quite repetitive with the levels it brings, however every now and then you will get a nice little shake up, but there too far apart for my liking. The shakes up to see within the game are things like no fly zones, mountains, and all of a sudden 5-10+ planes needing to be controlled. Luckily there not at the same time, however if you don’t sort a few planes out before the timer runs out and sends them in, then you could really be a world of pain. As mentioned though the additions such as no fly zones and mountains don’t really cause to much of a shake up to the games overall play. This is more of a game you will play when you have 30 minutes free and want to chill for those 30.

The graphics in the game aren’t anything special, but that isn’t a bad thing, the graphics are for the game what the graphics need to be. They do the job and this isn’t the type of game where you are going to need 1080p HD 60fps graphics. The colours in the game are vibrant, and the level designs are good, but like I said above, what you are given to do is fairly repetitive. However, I don’t think there is anything that could be done about that given the game and subject matter at hand.


The achievements in the game are easy to get, there isn’t anything that you will have to go out of your way for, and you can earn all the achievements by just playing the game and after however many hours of playing it takes, you will be able to complete it. So if you are looking for an easy way to get your gamerscore up, this would be a very good game to do it.

The game overall is a good one, I love the concept and it is a very good game to play when chilling out or when you have 30 minutes to kill and not sure what to do, also for just over £11 you can’t go wrong.

I’m going to give Land It 7

Game reviewed on Xbox One – Copy provided by developers/publishers


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