Kitty Powers Matchmaker – Review

I have played some strange games in my time but this one is going somewhere near the top of it. The whole premise of the game honestly makes me wonder how on earth this could actually become a game….

I can just imagine that when the planning stage started for the game, someone had to grab a pair to even suggest this and how it could be successful.

In Kitty Powers Matchmaker you basically run a dating agency were you have to match people up and make sure they have a successful date. The more success’ that you get the bigger that your agency becomes, this will also help to grow your own reputation as a Casanova lord.

Every client that you get in the agency has to be matched up with someone compatible. The game will give you a couple of suitable options and also let you know which ones are a no go. When you go through the initial chit chat in the agency the client may also indicate certain features or traits that they would like to see in their match, such as certain colour hair or eyes. When you’re looking through the list you get a little picture next to them so that if they have requested certain coloured hair or eyes, you can match that request. I actually skipped one of the meetings and didn’t know if they had asked for a certain trait…. Luckily, I picked one based on interests and they said at the meal that their hair and eyes were perfect. Go psychic me!

When you have picked who your client should date, you then get to pick a restaurant. You have 3 put in front of you and then they’re placed into an envelope, which are shuffled, so if there was one that you wanted to send them too in particular, keep your eye on the envelope as it moves about. This is done as certain restaurants have difficulty levels, I always tried to send mine to the easiest! Made my life easier.

During the meal, you get topics to talk about and this can be the make or break of the evening. 3 strikes from the 3 conversations that you have to make will mean the date ending…badly. There are also other details that you have to keep an eye on throughout the evening, such as what they ask for the mains. It won’t be straight forward, it could be something like ‘A Fish dish that isn’t spicy’.. If you weren’t paying attention you’re probably going to go for the spicy chicken. Disaster! Same counts for desserts, you will get a generation game show conveyor belt of treats and the date will say they want the 4th one… But which one was it? Definitely not the cuddly toy! There are 3 outcomes to dates at the end of the evening, this can be ‘ask out’, ‘see you again’ or ‘just be friends’. Sometimes you will get all options available, or maybe just the ‘friends’ one, it depends on how the evening went. Which, as you can see from the above, is totally down to you and the options selected. So you do have to pay attention when it comes to the finer details within the game.

What I did like is you can compete online with your friends. Your score can be posted onto a leaderboard for others to see and you can compete with friends. Nice little touch to the game that surprised me.

The graphics are a very cartoonesque style and are really basic, but for a game like this, you don’t need to go overboard on the style, and how the game looks suits it. The overall game is quirky and different, and if I’m honest, I had a bit of fun playing, but the longevity of the gameplay does come into question.

This isn’t something that I can see people playing for hours, maybe sorting out a couple of dates, and then moving on, the game does get a bit monotonous at times and the expansion of the agency with more affluent clients was a way to try and push it further, but you just end up doing mostly the same stuff.

One of the most impressive things regarding this game is that it’s unique. Where else are you going to get a crazy game like this? It’s out there on its own and I think a lot of people would have fun with this game, and for less than ¬£10, you can’t go wrong.


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