Kill Strain | Review


The Strain has emerged in our world and mankind is keen to exploit its power. Mercenaries and Mutants take sides in an epic confrontation. Will you help protect our world from the Strain, or exploit its resources in the name of power and personal gain?



Kill Strain is a top down action/shooter that brings into play a 3 way fight. When the match starts there are 2 human teams and 2 mutants. The mutants aim is to take over as much of the map as possible, where the humans have to try and destroy the strain, while fighting each other.

As you can probably guess from that, it gets a bit hectic in the 20 minute matches that you have. The one twist though is that human players can also be turned into mutants to help the mutant cause.

The first couple of matches I had on Kill Strain, I wasn’t really sure what was going on, mainly because the mutant players had quit the game, leaving only the 2 human teams to battle it out, and as there really wasn’t anything to describe what was going on and what had to be done and how to finish the match, both human teams were just going out and killing each other repeatedly without going for the strain.

Got a bit confusing for those first few games, until more people had downloaded the game and we were having the mutants staying in the game, then I understood what the objective was. However, should I be having to work out the objectives of a game for myself? Surely (don’t call me Shirley) There should be some form of on screen display to say what the overall aim of the match is. This would make it a lot more easier for new players.


When you first start the game up, you go through a tutorial which takes you through the basic controls of the game and how to control your character. The game does use a twin stick system where you move your character with the left stick and the right stick is used for more accurate aiming. The tutorial is basic, however it does get you prepared for what’s coming. The only problem I had, was that there was no tutorial for the mutants, so when I got turned into a mutant for the first time, I didn’t know what to do, was my aim to kill the others, spread the strain? Was all very confusing.

Also, when I’ve played as a Mutant, I found them severely under powered. I’m not sure if it was because I was playing the mutant the wrong way, but my attacks barely did anything to players, and when I was laying the strain down, it didn’t seem to do much to human players as they would just mow through it, but when I was the human player in this situation, it took me ages to destroy any of the strains in the world.

Graphics for the game as sub standard in all honesty. For a game on a PC architectural system, I feel it should be better, there not too bad though and I have to admit that I have seen worse. The only thing I would say, is that I found some of graphics to be a bit lacklustre and not very crisp, this for me is what is letting the game down.


Technically and Mechanically, the game is fine and plays well, it was smooth to move around and I found the twin stick system good to use, also the servers were smooth, although there was a couple of occasions that I did get sudden drops and kicks back to the main menu. But when I have played through games, there hasn’t been any frame rate drops etc.

A pretty big problem I have with the game in it’s current state is that there is only one game mode that you can play through. Which may change in future updates, but at the moment, the game is probably going to get boring very quick as you can only play through the same modes.

During games you have different missions to complete, these come in the form of getting so much XP during the match, or it can be to complete a number of matches or to get so many kills. Either way there is always going to be something for you to aim for during the match other than the win.

I found that when you die, the respawn timer is far to long for my liking. 15 seconds sat there while waiting to get back into a game feels like an age at times and I think the timer should only be around 5 seconds maximum. You want to get back into the match as quick as possible and don’t want to me hanging around waiting to play. After all you’re there to play the game and not watch a timer, and it can get annoying if you are dying in the game, I know if it was me it would be really off putting having to watch it time and time again.


With the game being free, there are a lot of micro transactions within and you can find everything for this in the store. You can buy credits which range from different prices dependant on how much you want. You can use the gold to purchase a variety of things from Characters in the game and XP boosts.

I have to admit, that I do like this model for a game, it gives you the opportunity to play a game for free while putting whatever money you want to. So if you want to spend a couple of ££/$$ on a character and give yourself an XP boost at the same time to help you rank up through the first so many levels just to help yourself out, then that’s all fair game.

What I don’t like about it is people who plough loads of money into and I’m not talking £20/£30 here, im talking hundreds just so they can get the best character and be the best first. To me, I don’t see the achievement in doing that. There can’t be surely? (Again, don’t call me Shirley) Being that much better than everyone else that there like Ants under a foot? You can’t be seriously telling me that’s fun?

Overall, I did like the game, I thought it was good, but with there only being one mode to play in the game, I can see it becoming tedious after a little while, or a game that you would only play one or 2 rounds of before moving onto something else.

I’m going to give this game a 6

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