It’s Quiz Time – Review

Do you remember Buzz on the Playstation ? Well most of the team behind that hit series are part of ‘Snap Finger Click’ and their debut Xbox One game ‘It’s Quiz Time’ is shaping up to be just as popular as Buzz.

It’s essentially a gameshow with a computer generated host called Salli and up to 8 people can take part locally and if you want to you can host your own Live Show on Twitch or Mixer.¬†Live Show game mode is built from the ground up for live streamers on Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer to interact with and play alongside their audience. Up to 10,000 viewers can take part in the quiz with you using the chat function! This makes it the first natively Twitch enabled video game, offering you an entirely unique way to play and engage with your community.

Whilst playing for review the most contestants I had was 7 and it was huge fun for everyone involved.

You do need to download an app for your Android or IoS device, if you have Windows Phone however……..unlucky, there is no app for you. What your device does is act as a portal to the game, using the app you set your screen name and, should you wish a picture of yourself. Each instance of the game generates a room code that is entered on your device, this can be seen by the people in the same room as you or, if you’re streaming, by the viewers.

There are set quizzes to tackle but you also have the option to customise your experience which is a nice feature and there is an option for a season pass which is currently blanked out but points towards the prospect of more questions being added to the 25,000+ that are already in the game.

The host of the game ‘Salli’ is an excellent feature and she uses the data that you input such as your sex and age to personalise the whole experience. She will refer to each contestant by their name and, depending on their performance, encourage or playfully scold you. I found her to be particularly sarcastic at times and funny.

Each contestant has the option to choose a specialist subject and will score bonus points for that subject if the answers given are correct, also they will lose more points if they get it wrong. I found the questions range from stupidly easy to massively difficult and in the time I’ve played so far I have yet to have a question repeated, I’m sure it will happen the more I play but with over 25,000 questions it should be a while.

Disconnects did happen at times but there is the option to wait for the person to reconnect and continue. We did have an occasion where we tried to start a game but Salli just sat there on the screen twiddling her fingers and looking special and the game wouldn’t start but we found a workaround where 3 people could start and then the remaining contestants would join as the first round was commencing.

The ‘show’ generally consists of 6 rounds and each player in turn gets to choose the category. The rounds include straight questions sometimes with multiple choice answers but there are also rounds where you have to match things together and others where you have to guesstimate. There is also a round which requires one person to describe a given subject in 90 seconds and the other contestants have a series of keywords on their device that they have to tap each time the desciber says one of the words. On one of these rounds the subject I was given was Patrick Stewart and my mind went blank, this consisted of me saying ‘He’s bald and English’ for at least 40 seconds. Now this particular category only works if you’re all in the same room whilst playing or are in an Xbox Live party that everyone can hear.

I found the whole experience to be huge fun. It’s Quiz Time isn’t something that people will play daily but if you’re having a party or get together with friends then this game is a must have. As stated earlier there is a Season Pass that I assume will add more questions and possibly different rounds and categories so the longevity of the game will be extended.

The whole gameshow feel is brilliantly pulled off and the personalisation provided by smarthost Salli is genuinely refreshing and adds to the experience. The graphics are done well, neon blue and shiny touches everywhere.