Injustice 2 – Review

I have never really been a fan of fighters and brawling type games, my complete lack of coordination for having to learn the various combinations and remembering them meant that this type of game was never really for me, I used to find them button bashing at best with nothing to them but pure luck. This is one of the reasons why I tend to stay away from fighting games, mainly because I’m useless that them.

It kind of reminded me of Track and Field and wearing out the buttons on my controllers quicker than The Flash speeding to Star City to see the Green Arrow.

However, I found this game to be different, why I hear you ask? Mainly because of how to game brings you into it. Gently caressing you into its wonderfully beautiful worlds, taking you by the hand and making sure you’re OK before throwing you into the deep end. Which is a nice feeling, it’s nice to be able to go into a game and think that ‘I should be OK….’

The game starts off with a nice little tutorial, taking you through all the various different moves that you can do from punching and kicking to slamming people through walls and using your characters super moves. During the tutorial you play as Batman who is up against Superman in this all out super brawl. One issue that I had with the game was that during or when the tutorial had finished you never really got a sense of a fighting a full match to make sure that the moves were embedded in.

So by the time I went into a full fight I had forgotten most of the moves and combinations and found myself just button bashing and stick flicking to try and get something put together. You can redo the tutorials as much as you like, but I still found that go through them, there was that much thrown at you at that some stuff was still forgotten and found that concentrating on certain areas was much more effective to learn the moves (at least it was for me anyway).

The worlds are designed so beautifully, they have that atmosphere of being part of a DC story and not just some generic design, but something a lot more personal than that. That is what is key to each level as well, they tell a story and they make you feel like that level was designed for the character, it’s their home and they belong to it, especially with all the different levels of interaction within them. There are lots of items to use to hit your opponent and these will differ depending on which arena you are in, this can be anything from a barstool or keg to a crocodile. I also love the fact that the arenas are dynamic and it can change in a heartbeat with one simple move that can send you through to a different part of it. This can change the dynamic of the fight and change the course of how it is going and could be the difference between you winning or losing.

I love the finishing moves within the game as well and especially love The Flash’s special move of taking your opponent through the Speed Force, hitting them into a pyramid while it’s being built, back through the Speed Force to slap a T-Rex with your opponent before heading back to the arena and hitting your opponent with their past selves. You can see this below in a video.

There are plenty of different modes available to play, both online and offline modes are available for you. I am going to first talk about the online modes.

You can play a variety of things from a ranked match to unranked, King of the Hill and more. I have to admit that the matches I played online did feel very one sided and quite overpowered to certain characters. People I came up against usually played as Darkseid which was quite easy to keep people at arm’s length and move about without your opponent being able to hit you. Hopefully, this will be fixed but I did quickly find that online play wasn’t for me.

There is a mode called the multiverse where you can do different challenges for a certain amount of time, each world as well has different difficulties so you can pick the challenge that you want. There is also a single match mode in which you can just have one off matches will help to rank up your character further, the higher rank your character is, the better the loot can be. You can get higher ranked loot early on, but it won’t be available to use till you get to that level with the character.

There is a story mode within the game which I won’t spoil for anyone who hasn’t but will play in the future, but it is a very good storyline which involves a load of characters teaming up who you wouldn’t imagine would, but earlier actions have caused this, which make the story even more interesting.

The game overall is fantastic and for someone who doesn’t like fighting/brawler games that is surely saying something. Maybe it’s the theme of it being a massive DC/Marvel geek that has helped me get into the game because I know the characters background etc.

I would highly recommend the game to anyone, even if you’re not a fan of fighters, the game takes you by the hand and helps you get into the swing of it and if you’re willing to place the hours into the game to play through everything it has to offer, then this is definitely worth your time, and this is one of the strong points of the game that the amount it offers in terms of content and characters is amazing!

One for the collection.

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