Human Fall Flat – Review

Human: Fall Flat is an open-ended physics based puzzle game in which you take control of builder Bob helping him resolve the mysteries behind his recurring dreams of falling.

Your goal is to take Bob through his dreams full of puzzles, dangers and surprises.

The world of Bob dreams are built on his daily experiences, hopes, fears and memories. His acquaintances are interweaved in this net of dreams so hard to escape. All this mess is a carefully crafted work of the dream maker, who is… wait… no more spoilers.

As the synopsis mentions above, Human is a physics based puzzle game where you are tasked with roaming through Bob’s dreams and traversing the world in which he has created.

The game starts off giving you a brief overview of what you have to do, and what is needed to get through each world. Which is pretty simple if to be honest. To grab items, or pull them you just use the triggers on the controller, each trigger is set to the corresponding arm.

Remotes are dotted around the world which when you pick up give you information on how to do things, how to get past certain parts in worlds and new skills, which there aren’t really many. The remotes can be quite helpful, other times they are simply useless showing very basic information. The information is does show can come in the form of a video to show you new skills to try such as jumping, or it can be just a bit of writing outlining a suggestion to try to get past the puzzles that are ahead of you.

The puzzles within the game are varied, there are some that are very easy to do and you know what to do as soon as you see them, there are other which are more time consuming, still easy to complete, but require more time, and there are other puzzles which do require more thought. I found it to be a good balance when it came to the puzzles, enough so that you can make good progress in the game, but ones hard enough to allow more longevity with the game play.

Level design is simplistic, it follows the dream world of Bob so everything isn’t as it seems, it always feels like your up in the clud, which with it being about Human’s falling flat on there face, kind of adds to the irony that it brings. The basic idea of each level is to get from one side to another, and then fall to the next one. Pretty simple, but again you have to get past the puzzles in front of you, and at the start they are fairly simplistic, but more and more get added to it and things start building up the more you go on.

I love the art work that has been used within the game, it kind of goes with that dream world type persona, where the world looks fragile, like crystals, and that at any moment it could break open. Whether that was deliberate or just my interpretation of it, I’m not sure, but I really liked it.

Mechanically the game is OK, the main character looks like he is trying to stumble home from a few pints on a Saturday night with the way he is walking through the levels. Grabbing onto items is a bit hit and miss and climbing is an absolute nightmare.

Main jumping I managed to get the hang of quite easily, it was still horrible to try and do as most of the time Bob would just put one of his hands down and I would have to try again by putting both hands up, even then, you may not manage to climb up as if you let go to early or late he’s either falling down or flinging himself over the other edge… Much scowling was done at this point. Then run and jump was introduced, and I’m not even going there, absolute nightmare, this was one way to give the game longevity because it’s not a simple process and Bob just refused most of the time to do it. Horrible.

The game isn’t a bad one, it’s idea and logic is good, but the only thing that ruined it for me was jumping and running and jumping, the mechanics don’t allow for a smooth go at doing it and Bob just goes all over the place. It is worth a try if you can get past and used to this bit though! Good work!


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