Horipad Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch – Review

I wanted to look for a cheaper alternative to the pro controller for Nintendo Switch and while out shopping noticed this controller on the shelves, and with it being an officially licensed product thought that I would give it a whirl.

The only hesitation that I had about the controller was that it was wired and I was dubious about how long the wire would be, because who wants to be tethered and face planting the TV while using it?

When I got home and unboxed it, I plugged the USB in and was quite surprised at its length, the cable does stretch around a metre and a half to 2 metres (I haven’t measured it exactly), which for where my gaming chair is, that is a comfortable distance for me to sit and play.
One thing that I was very nicely surprised with was the removable D-Pad, and it isn’t because it’s removable, which yes is brilliant, but because the disk pivots on a central area, it makes the movement smoother. Being able to remove this and go to a directional button does help with games such as Puyo Puyo Tetris, having that precision really does help.

The controller does feel good, it’s lightweight and robust and the buttons and triggers have that premium feel and use to them, pretty much what I would expect the pro controller to feel like while playing. In the hands the controller is comfortable to use and those who are well versed with the Xbox One controller would feel right at home with this controller as the design and finger/thumb position for the sticks are positioned the same, and personally, I do prefer that positioning when using a controller as it feels more comfortable to me.

One disappointment that came from the controller was that there was no motion control, no HD Rumble and no NFC, which isn’t a deal breaker as these missing features have meant that we get a pro controller that is much cheaper than the official but plays just as well.

All in all, I would have to say that this is a very good controller and if you are put off by the price of a pro controller, this would be your next best bet as it is reasonably priced as well. Yes, the missing features are disappointing, however, the Hori Wired Controller does make up for it in other ways with its premium feel and build.

Highly recommended by us!