Hands on with Tony Hawks Warehouse Demo

As well as the Avengers Beta I have had the pleasure of being able to play the Warehouse Demo for Tony Hawks 1+2 remakes. Now, from past experiences we know Activision knows how to revive a series, we’ve seen it with Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon and in just a few weeks we’ll get to see how they’ve done with Tony Hawks.

However, the demo we get to play is just the Warehouse level which is the first level that you can play in the game, and which is why its called the Warehouse Demo…. funnily enough.

The demo is very very limited, you have the Warehouse level to play in, and all you have is the 2 minute quick play, which you can play over and over and try to get the muscle memory back for all those tricks you pulled when the game first came out. I will admit that I have never been good at skating games, much like brawlers/fighting games with the combos, I have never managed to get to grips with them and it just ends up being a controller smash fest and hoe for the best…. I am pretty sure though, I’m not alone in this.

First thing ill say though is that the level looks really impressive, the skating is smooth and I did enjoy playing it in the short bursts that i had. The physics and how the character moved was brilliant, falling flat on my face (which I did many a time) was quite comical and the rewind effect that got Tony back on the board was a nice touch.

The warehouse level is as you would expect, there is of course a massive improvement in how it looks but it is reminiscent of the level would have played all the years ago, from the big slope at the start the half pipe, grinding rails and even the upper room to smash through. This will probably have your teenage self screening out with glee and rightly so, if the rest of the game has had this much love and attention we’re going to be in for a blast…. even if i am terrible at it and always somehow manage to face plant myself at the bottom of the ramp straight away… Not sure how I do it 😂

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