Hands on with The Avengers Beta

I have been lucky enough to get into the early beta for the upcoming Avengers game, which I have been both very excited and a bit apprehensive about. Excited because I love Marvel, comic books and the whole universe, apprehensive because we haven’t really been shown much other than the opening mission at the Golden Gate Bridge. 

So this was going to be my chance to get my hands on it and see what it was like to play, and I have to admit, from what I have played so far it’s been an absolute blast and I can’t wait for release. 

Gameplay has felt smooth although there were a few instances with certain things such as I felt Hulk took a lot more damage than he should have. This might be down to the character progression in the game where once levelled up and with upgrades etc this might balance out, or it might be something that Crystal Dynamics may need to tweak before the release date. 

There was one frustrating moment when playing where the game stuttered which could be due to the amount of enemies that had shown up on screen. When I was trying to get away everyone started shooting at the same time which made Kamala get stuck in a loop of getting hit, trying to get up, hit again, knocked etc, you see where I am going with this. The spawning of the enemies on this occasion seemed to be completely disproportionate to what should have been happening and I ended up being overwhelmed by them, which in turn caused the above loop. Again, this could be something that could be tweaked before the final release, and I hope so because it wasn’t pleasant suddenly finding an unusual amount of enemies suddenly coming after me. 

The game world from what I saw of it in the beta looks stunning, environments looked excellent and I love the character design….. not sure how many times when playing as the Hulk I shouted ‘SMASH’…. I enjoyed the little details I saw as well, one being when Hulk picks up enemies and you can either just throw them or beat up others with them… much enjoyment. 

I’ve seen people say that the beta felt disjointed, and I agree, however there are probably moments inbetween what you play which would be classed as spoilers, and the same probably goes for the missions available in the war table. The beta has been designed so you get to enjoy a bit of what the game has to offer without spoiling it before release. This is why I’m excited to get my hands on it in a few weeks, see what has been removed and how the campaign plays out!

It was also nice to see how the character progression works and it’s basically going to work that as you level up your avenger you still start to get more powerful gear. I think the whole thing is going to work a lot like Destiny in that regard. It will be nice to see how it fully plays out when it releases

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