Hand of Fate Review

When I first received this game and did my usual research on it, I was a bit apprehensive, I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. The game was something different to what i’m used to playing, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it is probably a game that I wouldn’t have given a second look at had I not been given the chance to review by the wonderful devs/publishers.

The main game consists of you playing a card game. You move one step every go and each card you land on is what is going happen, such as arriving at a shop, being ambushed or other various scenarios. The main aim is each time playing through the cards until you come to the person you are meant to face off against. Think of it as each turn being part of a journey while you look for this person to bring them to their end.


It is a very different type of game to the norm, and it does make a refreshing change, and i can honestly see me playing this as a real card table top game with friends…. It would probably be quite easy to bring to a hard table top copy… Adding in dice for the battles etc… Anyway i digress….

The beauty of this game is, with each turn you’re not too sure as to what is going to come along next, however it does get a bit tedious when the same card shows up every other turn like i had with the ‘Rockfall’ card… That was a tough round…

The fight sequences you go into provide a refreshing change of pace for the game. While you are going through the different cards, it can be quite relaxing and chilled out, you can take your time with decisions you make, however with fight sequences you have to pay attention to whoever you’re fighting and make sure you’re blocking and dodging any of the attacks, while at the same time getting your own attacks in and beating them.


I have noticed a few frame rate issues when going into the fight sequences, as well as during fights, however its only happened to me when there have been a lot of enemies fighting me at once. The bulk of the frame rate issues have come just as the character has loaded and i gain control.

The movements as well that you’re character undertakes for blocking placed a smile upon Joons face. Mainly because it was the same animation over and over, there are several used for blocking which can include the use of the shield, ducking the attack as well as giving a good old kick to the gut.

The different arenas that you fight in a wonderfully designed and detailed however there are a few rough edges and found that it does look a bit dated. The table sequence when playing with the cards is again lovely and atmospheric however there are rough edges and it does look more suited for the 360.


It is a game that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy, however i have been pleasantly surprised by it, and as stated earlier I would love to play a hard table top copy of this as i think it would suit it down to the ground.

The game is a promising start and something very different to what I’m used to seeing and playing and would love to see more games of this type in future.

I’m going to give Hand of Fate a strong Joon 7… Well worth playing and trying out.

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