GTSport – Review

I love racing games it is one of those genres that I can sit and just play for hours, I find it so relaxing just driving around tracks that sometimes the hours will really fly by.

GTSport was one of those games that I was seriously looking forward to, especially with the previews that we had, the game looked like it was going to be stunning.

I must admit, from the first time I opened the game and played my first race on the beta, I was hooked. There was only a selection of tracks available, but from what I saw, I knew the game was going to be a looker. When I loaded the full game up when it released, I wasn’t disappointed. The locales, the vistas, everything about the tracks looks stunning, especially when playing it in 4K. Driving up the first straight in Dragons Trail and seeing the mountain in the background, the detail that had been placed onto it was simply magnificent, and this isn’t just the case for this track, it’s the same for all the tracks in the game, the amount of detail that has gone into them is phenomenal.

GTSport doesn’t stop there though, when you look at how good the cars are, you should take a step back and appreciate the beauty this game is bringing to the table…. It is seriously some next level stuff.

The one bit I felt that the game was let down in is the content available. There isn’t a career mode now, this has been announced as coming very soon so I am looking forward to seeing what that update brings in terms of content. There are single player races in which you can take on the AI at different levels to gain XP, currency & mileage, of which you use to rank up, save up to buy a car as well as other challenges and offers with the mileage points. As you rank up your driver, you unlock tracks at certain stages, the last of which unlocks at level 20 which is the infamous Nürburgring in Germany. There are other single player games which you can partake in such as VR race against an AI player, however these races are limited to 1v1 and I’m not sure whether this will get fully updated to play VR in full races or right through the game (even if it is just through the single-player portion). There are also drifting challenges that you can do, if you’re into that kind of thing, I did give it a go but found it hard to do using the controller and found steering wheel and pedals easier to control the throttle.

There are also other challenges to do, the first of which in the driving school is to help you try and get used to the game as well as the tracks and start your learning of how to brake confidently, how to accelerate out of a corner amongst other things. I found this very good, it helped me to gain confidence in my driving, I’ve never been the most confident person when going into driving games and will admit I used to use assisted braking, however, after completing the challenges I will say that this is now turned off and I have the need…. The need for speed!! Seriously though, it was the only way I was going to be able to compete online, the only way in time trials I was going to shave seconds off my time and as I’ve learnt the tracks I have felt better for it.

The game does feel amazing to play, especially when you hit those apexes perfectly and at the right speed and you simply glide around the corners. You know you’ve done good and secretly, you can feel good about it as well, because you know that could be the difference between you and the guy behind or making up valuable seconds on the person in front.

The other mode within the game is the online races, in online races, your ranking determines who you go up against. If you like to crash into people, then your rating is going to drop and you will end up with people who also like to crash and smash people, however, play and drive like a gent, then you will get placed into races against those of gent status as well. However, I am pretty sure that there are some flaws in the system as I have had people smash straight into the back of me and I have been the one to lose SR (Sportsmanship rating). Which I will say that has left me raging at times, especially when it has knocked me from C to D. I am then within the midst of those at the same level and found myself being knocked left right and centre.

There has been an update to the SR within the latest patch, however, I have yet to see any improvements on it and find myself very reluctant to go into any online races.

There is a section called brand central where you can check out the cars and manufacturers that are available. If you have the credits saved up you can also partake in some shopping and get yourself a nice new Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari 458 or a nice little Lamborghini Huracan.

One the main menu the backgrounds change to show different cars and different images, however, every now and then you will find yourself with a little taste of history, as some of the slides give random facts, and not just about racing, but other major milestones of things being invented etc. I love reading some of them as well as looking at some of the stunning images that you see.

Speaking of stunning images, this takes me onto Scapes. This is a little feature where you can take pre-loaded images that in the game, and put your cars into them to make a nice little scene. There are loads of scenes from Paris, Japan and the Nürburgring to name a few, and most of the locations have multiple scapes, such as Paris which you can show your cars outside the L’Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower. These can make very good backgrounds for your main PS4 menu page.

This is a very good racing simulator and that is the main difference here, the lack of being able to customise your car and instead focusing on the driving aspect as shown with the introduction of the Sportsmanship rating is I think a lot better. I’m not a mechanic, I don’t know how to set up a car, I just about know how to check the oil and everything on my own car. This was the fall down I have with the F1 games. I am always unsure of what I am doing when tuning the car, so not sure whether changing the suspension etc is going to do my car any good, or in fact, whether it’s going to do anything full stop.

GTSport is a fantastic game but leaves its self a bit short in terms of content on a single player level. There are plenty of races to be had online, however, because of the SR’s I tend to stay away from this at the moment.

We have been told of new content that’s coming right up until March of next year starting with more in terms of single-player content soon, so fingers crossed with this and more cars and tracks being added, this will turn into one of if not the best racer out there.