GTA V Review

**This review is based on the single player element of GTA V

GTA V was one game that I had been waiting for them to announce, especially as the original on the Xbox 360 came out so close to the release of the Xbox One, it was just a waiting game for Rock* to announce the next gen version!

I loved this game when I played it on the 360, that it made me so happy when they announced it for next gen! This is the sort of game that i thrive on playing. The ‘Open World, do what I like in between missions’ type of games are the ones that I love, and this game is no different.


There is so much content to do within the game, GTA V will keep you busy for a long time! I don’t think the story is as long as previous GTA’s, but I have absolutely loved it, from start to finish the game is action packed, from jacking cars to holding up stores to finally doing ‘The Big One’!

All through the game you learn about Michael’s and Trevor’s relationship, and what has happened during the last 10 years since the first heist (which is where the game starts).

In terms of the graphics for the game, there are noticeable differences, here is a comparison video courtesy of Vadim M on twitter.

As you can see, there are noticeable difference in lighting, and also character models, however there are some things that there maybe a difference, but you would only notice these if you were looking for them.

I think from playing the game, there are more noticeable differences, and i think Rock* has done themselves proud with this Re master for Xbox One.


With the game-play there’s not much really else to say, if you have played the original on Xbox 360, the game feels exactly how it did then. The driving and flying has been updated, but with the driving there isn’t a noticeable difference from the 360. However, with flying, I can see that there is definitely a difference. I found on the 360 version of the game that the flying was a little slugish and clunky to operate. However, that seems to have been updated with the game as the flying for me at least is a lot better to control.

The is one of my favorite games of the year, I know its a remaster of a 360 game, but it is also one of, if not my favorite GTA. I love the characters, the story line, the choice of endings. I love being in control of the games i play and having the decisions I make effect the outcome. This is one reason why I love TellTale games and there episodic adventures.


The characters are well written for this game, and Kudos to whoever was in charge of this. I don’t just mean Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Everyone else who you come into contact with as well, like Dave the FIB agent, Devon Weston etc.

The missions within the game as well as perfect for the situation you find yourself in. The difficulty of missions depends on the mission itself. Some are easy and its just driving around delivering packages, or dropping people off etc. Those are the easy missions, when it comes to Heists and things like this are a lot more difficult… As you would expect them to be.

The one thing I would have liked to have seen, is more heists in the single player. Whether it had been part of the storyline or ones that you could have set up outside. Such as, picking a store in the town to rob, then Lester could advise how many people you need for it, then you could ring Franklin/Trevor and get the people that you needed to do it and make more money in game that way. I think that would have been quite cool to do.


The last thing i am going to mention for this review is the one of the biggest features added to this game. First person mode. Being able to go into First person mode can make such a difference when driving or doing missions. There are times when it can be a pain, but its good the options there if it makes a mission easier. I tend to use First person mode when driving in Lorries etc, as i find it gives me a better driving view of the road, and i also love seeing inside the cars etc to see how there styled.

Overall, I absolutely love this game, and it is one of my favorite games of the year. The Characters and the Story compliment each other so well, you can be forgiven for getting lost in the game, and finding you have played 6+ hours, when its only felt like an hour….

If you haven’t played this game before, and you like these type of Open World games, I cannot recommend it enough. If you have played it before on Xbox 360, play it again. It will be worth it…


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