Game of Thrones – Episode One

When I heard about this game being made it did get me very excited. Both as a fan of gaming and as a fan of the series. Something that was actually going to tie into the series and wasnt just a spin off.

Throughout the game you play as members from House Forrester. A house that hasnt featured in the TV series, but are mentioned at times.

People maybe forgiven to thinking that it doesn’t follow the books and is a separate item all together. This isnt true, it does follow the books and lets us know about House Forrester and what happens to them while the rest of Westeros is tearing itself apart.


Right from the start there is the usual blood and gore that you would expect from the Game of Thrones series. The game starts at the point of the Red Wedding, and as most know… that doesnt end well….

The story telling within the game is fantastic, and is the usual high quality from TellTale. The graphics are again the kind of standard comic look that TellTale are known for, and its good to see Characters from TV being used in the game as well to keep with continuity. You will Cersi, Margory, Tyrian etc all in the game. Nice touch.


One thing that keeps me coming back to these style of games by TellTale is the how different everyones game can be. That is of course down to the choices made in game. Every desicion made in the game not only affects that episode, but will also affect the rest of the game, meaning everyones game in essence could be different, and that can be down to me deciding to kill someone and you letting them live. Those things make these series what they are, and i love that, having control over my game and how it plays out.

One thing this game had me excited for, and i wondered whether or not they would be allowed to use it, is the Main theme we hear on TV. I wasnt disappointed! Not only did i get the theme, i also got most of the full intro! Another wonderful touch!


Telltales episodics are turning out to be a hit, and this one is no different. I cant wait to see what the other episodes have in store for us. If this is anything to go by, it will be more blood and gore, as well as plenty of drama over your choices!

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