Game of Thrones – Episode 2

I have managed to play through the second episode of Game of Thrones from TellTale Games. Off the back of the first episode I would have expected the pace to keep up, there was a fair amount of action and deaths from the first episode, but my first thoughts on the second was that I felt it was a bit on the slow side.

The pace was dropped for this episode as you met characters for the first time and learned a bit about them, and also the pace of this episode allowed the story to be built up more, and give more understanding to the player rather than the first episodes hack and slash fest of the characters dying in the first episode.


I wouldn’t say the pace of the episode is a problem as stated above it does give that chance to slow things down and get some more story built up and understanding to what is going on. Although, I will say that I am finding Mira’s character a bit redundant at this stage. I know she had a run in with the guard who tried to kill her, and I hope that we do find out why someone is trying to kill her and who she has angered, otherwise I feel that this little bit could have been all for nothing, but I guess I’ll find that out in another episode…. Hopefully.

Then again, I say that Mira’s character is a bit redundant, that scene with Tyrion and discussing the Ironwood could set the tone again for whats to come, will Tyrion and Mira strike a deal? Again, another thing for another episode.

It is only the second episode and things look like they could be picking up, specially between Forresters and Whitehill, and there looks like there could be all out war coming, but that could be down to the decisions I make in game as to whether or not it comes to that.


We have just met Asher, who is on the charge now thanks to his Uncle to find an army and help his family, which from what we’ve played through so far, looks like its what the Forrester’s need.

Although a slower pace to the previous episode, this is starting to come together nicely, and I’m sure my decisions in the next episode will really start to shape things up.

I do love when playing this game though, seeing characters from the TV shows, and having the person who plays them in the TV show playing them in the game, as well as doing the voices as well. It’s a nice touch for the episodes which does help keep that continuity between game and TV show.


One gripe I have had so far from the 2 episodes I’ve played is that I’ve found the graphics quality to not be up to the standard known by TellTale. I’ve felt the graphics have been a little off and scratchy compared to other games they’ve made, and I know its kind of that comic style they have set, but it just doesn’t seem to have that crisp quality of The Walking Dead series.

I still found the episode enjoyable and feel its building up brilliantly to something at the end in true Games of Thrones fashion, and I can’t wait to see what the later episodes have to offer.

Slower and more story orientated episode gets a solid 7.0 from Joon.

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