UK Retailer Game’s New Elite Membership: Is it worth it?

For as long as I can remember, Game the UK Retailer has always had a loyalty/Rewards scheme, I think I was one of the first to join up to it when the retailer launched the program, I still have my old school card with one of the first membership numbers splashed across the front, which whenever I do go into a Game shop (Which these days, is now very rare) I usually get some comments from staff on my old school card. Which is kind of a nice thing, but then being a member that long doesn’t get any other perks.

So when the new Game Elite reward scheme was launched this week, with it’s higher percentage rewards points, you would forgive me for thinking that Game had got something right, changing their rewards scheme and giving more back to their loyal customers, who go in and in my opinion pay well over the odds at £60 for a new game instead of heading to places like Amazon, Tesco, Asda who often have the game in the low £40’s.

But I digress, so the main question here is, is the new Elite Membership worth it?

The short answer is no…. Why I hear you ask? Mainly because you have to pay £36 to sign up to it. With this you then get 10% back on all physical games, merchandise and accessories, 4% back from consoles, phones and tablets and 2% back on trade in as well as a birthday gift and member only deals and exclusives.

So, to break even you would have to buy 6 new games at £60, just to get your £36, 10 £40 games to get £40 back and then you would be able to get another game free, but then you’re only breaking even, that to me doesn’t seem like rewards. Rewards to me would be giving the customer more back, especially as this is meant to be ‘Elite’.

Game have stated though that if you don’t earn your £36 back in rewards after 12 months, they will give you the difference in rewards points. No thanks Game, I’ll spend my £36 down Tesco and get a game from there instead, thanks.

I have always tried to support high street retailers, in a digital age where it is much cheaper to buy online and especially more so with free delivery or even next day delivery, I can see what Game are trying to do, but unfortunately it is going to fail, there in store prices are far to high to be able to compete, but a lot of people will go in and trade as it’s an easy option to get credit for the next game, it’s just a shame that you get pittance from them, but that’s another story.

It does seem like a very desperate measure and one that is destined to fall flat on its face.

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