Forza 6 Review

Beautifully designed and beautifully engineered! They are the only words that I can use to describe Forza 6.

Forza 6 is one of if not the best looking game I have seen, the atmosphere and vibe that I get during races is unreal. The depth of detail which has gone not only into the cars, but the tracks and the surrounding areas is simply amazing.

You cannot fault the attention to detail and with there being so many cars, and such massive tracks, you can see the love and care which has gone into the game.


Weather effects such as raining have been vastly improved for Forza 6, so much so that the rain puddles are now rendered 3D on the tracks and are dynamic to the weather. Basically, as you go round each lap, the puddles can get bigger and bigger, so not every lap will be the same.

What good… and maybe bad in some cases is that with the puddles being 3D and dynamic, it can cause issues for your car, depending on the size of the puddles this can cause your car to fly off the tracks if you go over one too fast, and trust me, the first time I did my car went flying onto the verge and into the tyre wall putting me out of the race as I had full damage on at the time.

The realism and feel that you get, even through vibrations from a controller are so immersive that sometimes you can get drawn into the game, especially when going over the puddles you get that feel in your hands that something isn’t right, and then BOOM…. Back end has gone and you’re trying hard to keep yourself in the race! Simply amazing.

New to the game this year are mods. These give added bonuses to your car such as more weight, extra grip, or something that simple as XP or Manufacturer bonuses. This is a nice touch, and adds a different element to the game as some mods will be specifically designed for certain tracks.
Again, taking the weather into account these mods can help you, especially when it comes to extra grip in rainy conditions, or as you find out during the first part of the game, the cooler night climates in the Yas Marina.


You can earn badges when you complete in game achievements or landmarks which you can then show off on your name plate which shows off to other drivers in game, and other players will be able to see it when your Drivatar is in game.

A feature that has returned from Forza Horizon 2 is the prize spin wheel! This is a little feature I enjoy from FH2 and I’m glad it’s made a comeback. There are plenty of prizes on offer in the spins which range from your standard credit bonus to cars, to supercars and 1,000,000 in Forza Credit… Which is what I won on my first spin… Quite happy with that.

With this it’s easier to get those super cars and high end model vehicles quicker than you could in previous, so it gives a good balance to starting with a Nissan Skyline and working up to a Bugatti Veyron quite quickly. So you can go back and forth and have a good try of all types of cars.

There are also hundreds of cars which are perfectly designed from inside to out and each of them look stunning. You can get a full 360 view as well as a view from the inside by going to the Forzavista section. I would suggest to anyone to do this as it really does show the full beauty of each of the cars that are in the game, and like I said above, there are a lot of them to check out and no doubt more will be added as DLC!

There are the standard modes within the game again this year with Career and Multiplayer being in there with Free play and Test Drive.

They are all the bog standard to what to expect with Career allowing you to show your skills and improve your driver level by competing at different events, doing showcase events and collecting cars for your garage.

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I like that the game is linked to the Forza Hub app on Xbox One and all you need to do is click the in game link tile and it will take you straight there. You can then from hear get your rewards for the month as well as check out the latest news for the game. It’s a lovely little app and I would highly recommend giving it a try.

If you use the in game photo mode, you will be able to share any of the screenshots or clips you make with the Forza community.

This is a fantastic game, from the feel of driving, to the graphics and overall look of the game. If you are a fan of racing games and enjoy the off drive around, then I can’t recommend this highly enough for you!

This is the first time I’ve ever done this since I’ve started reviewing games…. But I’m giving this a 100% with 2 thumbs up and a big smile on my face!

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