Fortnite – Review

The popularity of the zombie culture has spiked in recent years thanks to games like Dying Light, Dead Island, Dead Rising and Zombi to name a few have all been popular games, even if you look away from video games, the culture is there on TV with the Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, iZombie, Z Nation. The calling is there for the genre and people are loving it. It’s an apocalyptic world where people can get lost in and let their imaginations run wild. You can think of the best plan of attack to survive, what crazy weapon combos are you going to make, or just which weapon suits you best.

Fortnite is no different to this, survive, defend and build your base, make your best the best it can be, but one of the main things that I think of with these type of games is to have fun and when building to let your creativity run wild. For me, it’s one of the reasons that makes these games so fun. As I will mention in a bit the depth in which you can go to when building and how you can customise your base is amazing.

The overall gameplay is one that sets Fortnite on its own. Each mission involves a form of building and defending. Whether it’s rescuing a scientist in a van attached to a balloon or protecting an important element.

Building side of things has a lot of flexibility where you’re able to change material quickly as well as modify walls into half walls or add doors to them with a simple click. That control over the building items means that the sky really is the limit, especially with the amount of things that are available in terms of stairs, walls, doors, how high you build something if you’ve got the resources the world is your oyster.

But building is not the only element to the game, you also have to defend and survive whatever the game throws at you, which if you have a good team of 4 (friends or through matchmaking) then each mission is quite easy to get through and very defendable. I found the ‘home’ missions were the missions that needed help with, not exclusively mind, there were some missions in the grander story of the game which I needed help in, but the as the home stories went on, they seemed to ramp the tension up more, which might be because it’s the base you’ve built, your pride and joy. I know when I was doing these missions, it pained me to see my base getting smashed up and having to repair it.

The start of the game does ease you in with tutorial missions to show you the basics and the mechanics of the game and how things work. You learn about the weapons and the different ways in which you can protect your base with wall, floor and ceiling traps. It shows the basics of building, how to put the walls up, the different variety of materials that you have available as well as doors, half walls, and other items. I was really impressed with this, it wasn’t too short and just threw you in, and it wasn’t bloated and had you thinking ‘when is this going to end’. It showed you everything you needed to see and do without showing you everything but showing you enough to get through missions and learn a few more things on your own…. If that hasn’t confused you, excellent!

I love the colours of the worlds and how each part has been designed. It’s not too big and not too small, there is enough area for exploration and looting for all 4 players in the missions and there are enough resources to collect around the worlds as well. You’re going to need a lot of wood, metal or brick for building those bases! When I’ve been going through the world, my basic theory was to just take everything that wasn’t nailed down and could be broken down into parts.

The one area that I thought could have been designed a bit better was the main menus when you’re not in a mission. Because there is so much on them it can get confusing, and I think I still haven’t managed to work my way around them all, and there are times I want to do something and know it’s somewhere in the menus, but I can’t remember which section it’s in and sometimes I don’t even bother doing it because I can’t be bothered to look for it anymore so I’ll go in to a mission and come back to it later. So I think the menus could do with being looked into, surely there must be a friendlier way to show the information that needs to be?

I would say that the game is definitely worth a look, the game plays smooth and is fun to play. The depth within it is brilliant and it’s the one thing that kept me coming back to the game, it’s just a shame the menus are quick hard to get used to. In my opinion anyway.