Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Review

When Square Enix announced that they had changed up the battle system to a more open format, I was very intrigued again and thought this could be the time for me to start my first final fantasy game.

The main story of the game is based on a group of activists of who you play mainly as Cloud Strife who are trying to stop a megacorporation from sucking the life out of the planet. 

Now the first thing I’m going to comment on is how the game looks, it’s been in development for a long time and right from the get-go you can see how much love and care has gone into making this a beautiful game. The amount of detail in the game is astonishing, right from the buildings and making the environments vibrant and lively and you cannot deny the details that have also gone into the hair models, they are stunning. I have found myself taking screenshots as I’ve been going through each of the missions and places I’ve visited. 

How does the game play? The game and movements are very smooth, the battle system is very good as well. As mentioned previously its no longer a turn-based battle system preferring to use a more open and freer model. However, for those who do prefer the turn-based system from the original, there is a classic mode that you can switch too. I really enjoyed the more open and freer model, I felt like I had more control over the battles than you do with the more classic turned based way. 

What I really liked about the battles as well was that during them you can switch it up and change characters so that you can use the strengths of everyone. Take Cloud and Barrett for example, while Cloud has a sword to fight with and is good at ground level, Barrett with the massive gun on his arm can hit enemies higher up, so it was always good to use the strengths of your party.

Within the game you collect different types of Materia, these can be attached to weapons and other items in the game that have the slots for them. Materia can be anything from giving you healing powers, the lightning powers, fire, ice and more. So, I found that it was good to have a balance in my party where one might have lightning, another healing, and someone else fire/ice etc. Although depending on how many people are in the party may depend on how you set up, but it’s always good to have a plan just in case.

The music and the soundtrack within the game as well has been simply perfect, the music is outstanding and I love having the game on and just listening to it sometimes, there’s points when I’m not in battle and its out in the open, I can just let Cloud stand there, have the music playing in the background while I do something else. 

The flow of the story and the world is very good as well. Mixing up linear type missions with then more open areas to do side missions was a nice mix of pace, and if you wanted to just smash through the story then you could do that as well, but I found that doing the side missions allowed me to be able to pick up some new gear and extra Materia, so my advice to anyone would be to do the side missions, you never know what you could ending up finding. 

Would I recommend this game? Absolutely, it’s a fantastic game, and there are more parts to come as this only takes you through the Midgar portion of the game. When the next part will be released is anyone’s guess, but fingers crossed it won’t before we have our hands on it.

I must admit that I did still have reservations about getting Final Fantasy 7 Remake, especially as I hadn’t played the original and none of the others in the series. But I found that it was easy to get into and I am loving the story, I can’t wait for the next part to launch.

Definitely recommended whether you’ve played the original or not.

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