FIFA 21 Review

Another year and another FIFA launches, is this going to live up to the hype or is it going to be a let down? There is part of me that thinks that games like FIFA, Call of Duty etc shouldn’t release yearly games, instead bring an updated version out, in the case of FIFA, transfers, new kits, updated info, it would allow EA to work more on the next game and give the development team much needed time to make sure the game is the best it can be. However, money speaks and if EA can charge you between £60-100 each year for the various versions they spit out, then they will.

Now, onto the gameplay. I actually like how the game feels, the pass and play, the little touches to build up that incisive breakaway, one-touch football, it feels good and looks good and when you’re playing with top-rate players, the likes of Neymar, M’Bappe, Messi, etc those touches are even more brilliant. I had M’bappe on loan for my Ultimate Team, and as you will see from the below, it starts with a fantastic save from my keeper, an overhead clearance and the rest is just poetry.

These are the moments that I love FIFA games, that fluidity, the wonderful passes and touches up the pitch to set up that breakaway goal. I only really play the single-player modes on FIFA games, mainly because I hate how, especially in the Ultimate team, teams are bought with real money. I’ve had my team since 2011 and I know what the drops are like, so when I see a team full of megastars and pace over 90, that’s a no from me. That’s how people play this game online, get the fastest players so no one can touch you and just run. That isn’t fun to play against and it’s more of the same in FIFA 21, and I’m not the only one who has come across this, there are plenty of people on Social Media who complain about the same issue. There are people who can’t afford to buy FIFA points and buy packs, they rely solely on getting them from completing challenges, maybe even pre-order bonuses every week for the 12 weeks or so you get them. It just seems annoying that some people are punished in a sense for playing the game as it should, be then again, if people pay for them, EA will add them in (Microtransactions).

Right back to the review. In terms of the modes available in the game, the usual suspects are there, Ultimate Team as mentioned above, Career mode, Volta football which debuted last year makes a return.

I was impressed with some of the changes added into Career mode in this years edition, the interactive match sim was, I thought an excellent addition to the game. Being able to jump in and out of the matches to try and change up the game and being able to control key moments like penalties or free kicks. It gave a new bit of depth to the simulation setting, now you’re not just sat there waiting for the match to end, you keep an eye on the game, you’re 0-2 down with 15 minutes left, jump into the match, take control and try and get that Desmond (2-2) or if you’re brave enough, push men forward to get the win!

Volta football I could never really get into, I have to coordination of a goldfish and couldn’t get used to doing the skills and would end up just passing the ball about, and If felt that wasn’t what the mode was about, I felt like it needed to be played with a bit more flare and technique, something I did not have for this mode, so really can’t comment on it.

There is one thing that I would like to bring up while I am on the topic of FIFA and that is the Nintendo Switch version. The gameplay is from 2 years ago and all that’s been done is that kits and teams have been updated and EA still has to cheek to charge £45 for it? If you’re not going to bother with the game and put a re skin out for obscene money, just don’t bother.

At least Konami admitted it wanted to concentrate on the next-gen version of PES and said it was releasing a reskin which was only going to be £20. Personally, I think this method should be done more often with games like Call of Duty, FIFA, etc. But to basically charge £45 for the same game year in year out, that’s disgusting and EA needs to take a look at themselves.

FIFA 21 reviewed on Xbox One S

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