FIFA 14 Review

Playing this game straight from the Xbox One you would be hard pressed to notice many differences other than the crowd now not being card board cut outs and the isnt the same 5 people over and over again. Instead you now get a still slight wooden but better looking 3D crowd that is very reactive to what’s happening on the pitch. Such as when you get near the goal with a chance to score, the crowd rises in anticipation. Such as they would at normal league/cup games around the world. You can also see proper segregation of the crowd as well, clear colouring of the shirts indicates where home and away fans are divided. You may think its quite weird I’ve started off this verdict talking about something that you probably don’t notice that much during the game. But for me, its important, for years I’ve been wanting to see a crowd that looks like it should be there, like there’s people who have taken the time out of the busy schedules to come and see my games, and not some subbuteo match me and my brother used to set up when we were little with guess who character cards around the edge of the pitch.

Going from the 360 to the Xbox One version of FIFA there are a few differences in terms of graphics. The main difference being Xbox One is a lot crisper and cleaner as you would expect, with brighter and more vivid colours. In terms of gameplay, i can’t really see any significant differences. There are animation differences and a few new ones added in, such as a players touch control and how they use the ball at their feet. Outside of the foot etc. But other than that for me the general feel for the game has been pretty much the same for the last few years. Im hoping that this years iteration will have been designed solely with next gen in mind, and we can be blown away by what they have done. I honestly thought that we would get it from this year and the addition of the new ignite engine. But we haven’t, and I think the main reason behind that is because of the dev kits, and the changing hardware that would have been happening, devs may not have known how the kits were going to change through the development cycle before launch. So they would have maybe had to work to the bare minimum with what they had.

The main mode I play on this game is Ultimate Team. I love building a squad and taking on others peoples. Although I don’t play online that much due to the latency always being bad, or dirty players. Which is why I tend to mainly play the offline modes the most, but its still fun tinkering and buying the right players to play in the right formation. When you get that chemistry right, it doesnt matter what rating your team is or whether you have a team full of Messi’s, Ronaldo’s etc If my team clicks, and yours doesnt, I can guarentee im going to have a better day at the office. If my wingers are overlapping waiting for through balls. My defence is holding strong and together, and my strikers are playing off each other and know where each are. Thats what makes a team good… Not a team full of 90+ (That can help though 😛 )

Another thing I would like to mention is the refereeing model in FIFA 14. There are times when certain refs are just plain diabolical…. Take this video as reference to my claim… This is from one of my games I played…. Do you think its a red card?

There is no way in my eyes, that was a red card. He comes in from the side and gets in front of the player, and wins the ball… cleanly… So clean in fact, that I will eat my dinner off it… Is there anyone out there to explain to me why a red card was given? The only thing I can think of is that in the replay the ref didn’t keep up with the game, and was still at the half way line when the ball was up near my penalty area. Which if that’s the case, then that’s not my fault, sending the player off cause the ref is too lazy to keep up is ridiculous. This type of thing isn’t just a one off in FIFA, decisions like this are happening all the time, whether its me being bundled over and the other team getting the free kick because when I fell over after being fouled I tripped their player up. This again hasn’t been a problem in this game, its happening year in and year out. Whenever I ask EA about it, they fail to respond, hiding in their shell that nothing could be possibly wrong with one of there games.  I know its the case of if you turn round and look at real games, things like this happen, but they don’t happen as often as they do in FIFA 14. Its practically every match for me. Also is there any other ref in the game other than Dobroslav Dzmura? Every game EA…. EVERY GAME…. Not very random… is it?

The last thing i want to go onto talk about is the goals you can score in this game. I’m not on about the tap ins from 3 foot in front of goal, i’m on about these types…

and also goals like this….

When you hit the ball in the sweet spot, you can score some fantastic goals, and all the better to be using the ‘Xbox, Record that’ feature. My clips are full of goals like this I’ve scored. This is one of the few things that actually pleases me about the game. How I can score such lovely goals and share it with you wonderful people.

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