Feist – (PC) Review

Feist in simple terms is a side scrolling 2D survival platformer and for those that have heard of or have played Limbo will no doubt start drawing similarities between the two. I have not played Limbo myself and have based my experiences solely on this game alone and will leave the comparisons between the two from this review.

You start the game by being shown a short in game animation of what can only be described as large walking hedgehogs with sticks and what appears to be cages carried with them. Once these characters exit the screen you are presented with a cage hanging in the air and this is where your game experience begins. Personally I loved this short introduction and it immediately got you into your first puzzle, how to escape this cage suspended in the air by a rope.

As the game progresses you are introduced to more puzzles quite quickly and are given on screen prompts about how to control the character to aid you but that is about all the help the game offers you. The sense of being left alone to survive and work out what is actually going on is brilliant and draws you right into the dark and lonely feel the gorgeous environments portray.

Added to this that the character you control is about 1/5th the size of the main characters shown on the first intro into the game adds to this tense survival element. Eventually you will come across weapons which you can pick up but quickly learn that these are to be used as tools rather than weapons to aid with puzzle solving and bringing down your enemies.

One part of gaming I enjoy a lot is the attention to art style or graphics of the game which helps to give titles their own individuality, Feist does an excellent job at making these environments look both hostile and also very attractive to look at and each screenshot could easily be used as a desktop background as there is no UI present in game. The soundtrack is also wonderful, I am a massive soundtrack junkie and really appreciate the efforts that go into scoring games and films. Feist’s soundtrack is very chill and helps portray that sense of being alone in this beautiful wilderness and as such the developers have offered this to be purchased separately or as part of a bundle with the game which I would highly recommend.

Bandcamp Soundtrack Link: Feist – Original Soundtrack

I played this on Steam via an Xbox controller and the controls were very responsive, this didn’t seem the type of game to play with a keyboard so I didn’t use that control scheme, it was a simple three button and d-pad set up so nothing complex either.

If I had to pick out some negatives from my experience with the game I can see the puzzles becoming frustrating as it is very much trial and error and as they increase in difficulty, dying will become more frequent but luckily checkpoints are also very frequent so there is not much backpedaling to be done. Other than that I find it hard to find anything else wrong with a game at this price point and you will certainly get your monies worth from this title.

If you own Limbo I would still recommend at least checking out the videos and screen shots of the game and viewing the very positive reception it has from player reviews on Steam, this hopefully gives you an indication that this is also worth adding to your collection.

You can also view my Twitch Playthrough of the 1st Hour by clicking the link.

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